Wall bed Telemaco Work

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Width closet(in cm) 101 - 131
Depth closet(in cm) 31
Height closet(in cm) 220
Length foldet out(in cm) 214,5
Width bed(in cm) 85 - 110
Length bed(in cm) 200
Drop-down direction Vertical
Bed base Slatted bed base
Color Melamine - White- Perla -Tortora -Oak sand - Oak brown - Painted colors - Walnut veneer - Smoked oak veneer - High gloss white

Wall bed with vertically collapsible desk in bed size 85x200 cm.
This model has a slatted bed base. Wall bed Telemaco Work is available in melamine white, various other colours and 33 varnished colours. It is possible to choose different colours for the exterior, the front panels and the attachable desk. Prices may differ depending on choice of material. Wall bed Telemaco Work is suitable for various mattresses up to 18 cm thick. The size of the desk top is 121x70 cm.

Width closet: 101 cm
Height closet: 220 cm
Folded out: 214,5 cm

Prices wall bed without mattress, exterior, front panels and desk top in the same material:

  • € 2.373 in Melamine white
  • € 2.507 in Melamine colour
  • € 2.904 in varnished colour

Prices wall bed without mattress or desk top, front panels and exterior in the same colour.:

  • € 1.695 in Melamine white
  • € 1.812 in Melamine colour
  • € 2.112 in varnished colour

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