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Small sleeping couch

A sofa bed, a great solution for sitting and sleeping in the very limited space! A sofa bed, the word may not sound very positive, it is often thought of as a simple folding mattress suitable for a child, for example. However, this is completely unjustified; at Easy Living you will also find small sofa beds on which you can easily sleep once or every night with comfort. We have a large collection of high quality sofa beds.

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The multifunctional sofa bed

Do you have a small place for one sofa bed, then you are looking for the most ideal sofa bed. By choosing a sofa bed, you have the multifunctionality of the product. During the day you can make wonderful use of the comfortable sofa. Do you need the sleeping place? Then you can change the sofa to a bed in no time. By choosing a sofa bed, you ensure that the available space is used multifunctionally and space-saving. Isn't that ideal?! Do you still think a sofa bed is too big? Then you can always go for one sleeping chair† Would you like to know more about our sleeping chairs? Then read our blog "Someone can always sleep on the Easy Living sleeping chairs!"!

Make your choice from our wide range of sofa beds

In our showroom there are several sofa beds. You can walk around here and see which models appeal to you. If you would like to be helped, our advisors are at your service. We will ask you a number of questions to determine what your wishes are. It is also important for our advice to know how intensively you plan to use the sofa bed. Will you be sitting and sleeping on it occasionally or will you be using it on a daily basis? Based on your answers we can advise you which sofa beds suitable for your use and needs. You will be given plenty of space to try out the sofa beds extensively, so that you can create a good picture of the comfort yourself. If you know which daybed suits you best, you can also choose from the extensive fabric collection. This way you can ensure that your sofa bed is made in the fabric that makes you happy!

Choose a sofa bed in the right size

Does the sofa bed have to fit exactly in between and may it not be larger than that place? Then make sure that you measure the measurements at home in advance and take these measurements with you to the showroom. Here we can ensure that you choose a sofa bed that will not be too large. The sofa beds are often available in various bed sizes, such as 120, 140 and 160 cm wide beds. Based on your desired dimensions, we can jointly look at which sofa beds are well suited for your room. In other words, you receive tailor-made advice!

You can buy a sofa bed at a specialty store

We have been a specialist in the field of for more than 35 years sofa beds† Thanks to our knowledge gained over these years, all our advisors are well acquainted with the product. We place very high demands on the quality of our collection and on our customer focus. We will deliver your sofa bed free of charge and put it where you want it. Even if this means that we have to lift your sofa bed a few stairs. In addition, we are a CBW recognized home furnishings store. We hope to welcome you soon in our showroom.