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Wall bed vertical

Wall bed vertical

Are you looking for the ideal solution to save space in your living room or bedroom? Then choose one wall bed vertical from Easy Living. You unfold the bed when it's time to go to sleep and easily put it away again during the day. A major advantage of a vertical wall bed is that it takes up minimal space when folded and allows you to get the most out of your space. We offer various bed sizes and models that suit any interior. Get advice online or come to the showroom and benefit from the following benefits:

Spacious showroom in Amsterdam of 600 m²
Free installation and delivery on the mainland of the Netherlands
Sure of your purchase: CBW-approved shop
Professional advice from our experts

Vertical wall bed: a space-saving solution

Of course, we have already indicated it, but if you have a room where you want to make optimal use of the space, then the vertical wall bed is the ideal solution. The handy folding function ensures that the bed never takes up unnecessary space. For example, think about how much space you can save if the bed does not always have to be in the room. This way you can also use your guest room or smaller bedroom for other purposes. A bed box is not only suitable for a guest room, but is also perfect for studios and tiny houses. In short; perfect for saving space.

How does a vertical wall bed work?

You now know that you can save space, but how does a vertical wall bed actually work? With a vertical wall bed, you lie with your headboard against the wall. The bed therefore expands slightly further in depth than in width. If you prefer that the bed folds out widthwise, you would opt for a horizontal bedside cabinet have to go. A vertical wall bed is ideal for narrower spaces. During the day you can use it perfectly as a cupboard and storage space and in the evening you can transform it into a wonderful place to sleep. Do you want to use the bed cupboard optimally? Then combine it with a table, desk or sofa.

Combine the wall bed vertically with a table, desk or sofa

Would you also like to combine a wall bed with a table, desk or sofa? Yes, it's all possible. With us you can not only find different bed sizes and designs, but there are also many different options available. Those options are a wall bed with tabledesk or Bank. If you add one of these options, you will make your wall bed even more multifunctional! Such a wall bed is also extremely user-friendly, because you can easily unfold it over the table, desk or sofa. Ideal, right?

Test out your new bed

We can imagine that you do not just purchase a wall bed and that you want to be sure that you make the right choice. Our specialists also find it very important that you are satisfied and are happy to give you personal advice. Make an appointment or visit our showroom in Amsterdam. With over 600 m², there is bound to be a wall bed that perfectly suits your wishes and needs.

To ask? Contact us

If you have any questions, you can easily contact us. Send your question to us via WhatsApp via 06 82941119 or contact us by phone at 020 6631161. You can also send an email to Then we will of course be happy to help you.

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