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Murphy bed with bed longer than 200 cm

Murphy bed with bed longer than 200 cm

A murphy bed with a bed longer than 200 cm is of course ideal if you need a little more length! No fewer than 3 of our murphy bed models are available with a longer length. Think of 210 cm long. The Easy murphy bed is even available with a length of 220 cm! So we also have a space-saving solution for the taller fellow!

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A folding bed; the ideal space saver!

A folding bed with a bed longer than 200 cm is ideal if you want to save space during the day. Your bed is folded up against the wall, concealed in a nice sturdy cupboard. If you want to use the bed, you can easily pull it out. Due to the retarding gas springs, it takes almost no effort to lower this bed. Our folding beds are really suitable for bringing your convenience and space saving. The folding beds are available in various designs and colours. You therefore do not have to worry that you will end up with a folding bed that does not match your interior. In addition to the fact that you have a nice long mattress, it is also possible to choose various bed widths. Think of 1 person, 120 cm wide, 140 cm wide, 160 cm wide and even 180 cm wide! So you don't have to compromise on comfort at all if you opt for a folding bed with a bed longer than 200 cm. We will assemble your folding bed at your home. Before you visit our showroom, think about where you want to place the folding bed and measure the space properly. It is also important to inform us about the delivery situation. For example, does the folding bed have to go up a flight of stairs? Our advisors are happy to help you, be welcome!

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