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Sleeping chair

Choose one sofa bed 1 person version if you would like to offer an extra sleeping place, but have little space to do so! These models are ideal for your living room or study. Can be used as an everyday chair and can be transformed into a great bed for your guest in no time. You may even want to sleep on the sofa bed yourself, for example in your holiday home or garden shed. This small model is also ideal for that. Furthermore (we don't really want to think about it) it is also very nice to have a fallback place in the living room for someone who is ill. Then view our entire range.

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Create an extra sleeping place with ease
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The advantages of a single sofa bed

A single sofa bed is not only a smart solution for limited spaces, but also offers countless advantages that transform your room into a multifunctional oasis. A single sofa bed is designed with space efficiency in mind. During the day it acts as a comfortable chair. At night it quickly and easily transforms into a comfortable single bed, allowing you to make optimal use of the available space. If you often receive guests, a single sofa bed is an ideal solution. It provides a welcoming place to sleep without the need for an additional guest room. Your guests will feel welcome and can enjoy a good night's sleep. Ideal, right?

Choose the stylish sofa bed that suits you

Single sofa beds are available in various styles and finishes, so you can easily find a design that suits your taste and interior. Whether you like clean, minimalist lines or prefer a more classic look, there is a sofa bed for everyone.

In short, a single sofa bed combines comfort, style and space saving in one handy piece of furniture. It's a smart choice for anyone looking for versatility in the bedroom and living room. Invest in a single sofa bed and enjoy the many benefits that this piece of furniture has to offer. Make the most of your space and give your interior a fresh, modern look with this functional and stylish piece of furniture.

Enough choice and good service

We would like to invite you to visit us our showroom where you can try all the ones. There are plenty! Once you have found a model of your choice, you can choose the upholstery. There is also plenty of choice for this in different types of fabric and leather. Once you have made a choice from all these options, we can proceed with the order sofa bed. The delivery time depends on the type and model. We may also have a single sofa bed in stock, you can inquire about this with the advisors. We will then bring the sofa bed to your home and place it where you need it. There are no additional costs! Finally; Guarantee? Easy Living is a CBW recognized home furnishings store and meets conditions that provide you with extra protection when purchasing your desired product. In short; be welcome!

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