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Murphy bed including sofa

Murphy bed including sofa

A murphy bed including sofa is the ideal combination if you would like a bed in your room, but are also looking for a seating option. During the day you can use the sofa that is fixed to the murphy bed. When night falls and it's time to get the bed out, the handy mechanism helps you to make it easy to unfold! With most murphy beds you can also fold and unfold the bed including bed linen for extra convenience. It is possible to choose various colors and finishes. Take a look at the different models on this page or visit our showroom.

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Various bed sizes and designs

You can obtain a folding bed including sofa in various bed sizes. Think of a bed size of 140 cm wide, 160 cm wide and 180 cm wide. This way there is always a choice that suits your needs. You can also choose whether you want a folding bed that folds out horizontally or vertically. What is most comfortable for you probably depends on the available space. If you come to visit us in the showroom, it is therefore desirable that you bring the dimensions of your space with you, so that we can immediately think along with you! The folding beds can often also be expanded with regular cabinets to create storage space.

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