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Sofa beds

Sofa beds

Looking for good quality sofa beds? Easy Living Sofa Beds and Bed Cabinets offers you:

Wide range with more than 50 types of sofa beds
A large showroom to test the models
Free delivery on the mainland of the Netherlands
CBW-recognized specialist shop
Very wide choice of fabrics

Our wide range of sofa beds undoubtedly contains a variant for your interior. Are you not quite sure about the model yet? We would be happy to discuss your wishes for a new sofa bed while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. We will then get to work finding the ideal model for you. Quality and service always come first at Easy Living. Most sofa beds in our range are available in various sizes. Our collection consists of a choice of space single and double sofa beds. Would you prefer a model that we can deliver at short notice? Then check out the offers or our Online store.

To help you make a choice, in the row below you will find an overview of the different bed systems that you can choose from or do our decision aid:

2 person sofa bed with Royal mechanism
2 person sofa bed with Comfort Plus mechanism
2 person sofa bed with Comfort Mechanics
2 person sofa bed with Functional mechanism
2 person sofa bed with Functional Cross mechanism

Bed width (in cm)

Fold-out direction

Delivery time

Sofa beds from Easy Living

Discover the wide and versatile range of sofa beds from Easy Living. We have models in various colors, sizes and styles and you can contact us for either single if double sofa bed. Are you interested in the Scandinavian style? Then we can refer you to our website Innovation sofa beds. Danish design of very high quality.

Are you going to have one? buy sofa bed? Then we want you to always make the right choice. Do you therefore need more information in addition to this information? Then you can always read our blog 'buy a sofa bed, what do I need to know?' or "the best tested sofa beds" read! We will provide you with useful tips so that you always make the right choice! Another little tip... Our blog is full of interesting information you can use.

Single or double sofa bed

Of course, it depends a bit on the space you have available which sofa bed suits you best. We therefore have a wide range of sofa beds and always have a choice single or a double. Would you prefer even smaller? Then you can go for one sleeping chair. The majority of our sofa beds are available in various sizes. You can choose a variant in 120, 140, 160 and 180 cm. The vast majority of models are available as 2-person sofa bed and therefore available from 140 cm wide. You will find more information about the precise sizes on the product page of each sofa bed.

Sofa beds, what dimensions?

Which size you need, of course, depends on the room in which the sofa bed will be placed. That is why we have various types of bed systems with different dimensions in our collection. On the product page you can see in which sofa width, bed width, bed height and bed length our sofa beds are available. In addition, we have also written a blog especially for you about sofa beds and the types and sizes. For more information you can visit our blog'what is the best sofa bed?' read! This way you can always be sure that you have a buy a sofa bed that fits perfectly in the space. So handy, right?!

Sofa beds for occasional and daily use

Most of our collection is suitable for everyday use. A number of the sofa beds can mainly be used as a guest bed. With these models, the emphasis is more on the design. Of course we also want to keep up with the trends! Curious about these trends? Read it in our blog »sofa bed, what are the trends'.

The bed system, type of mattress and operation determine the suitability of a sofa bed as a permanent bed or as a guest bed. Do you have doubts about the suitability of a particular model? Please feel free to Contact with us. We, if specialist in sofa beds, happy to help you.

Bed system and mattress

There are five different bed systems. Depending on the type of mechanism, the mattress offers a choice of polyether, innerspring, pocket springs, latex, cold foam, futon and memory foam mattresses.

In most cases, the mattresses on the sofa beds rest on a slatted base, trass mat or mesh base. Some models have a storage space for bedding. You will find more information about the model on the product page of each sofa bed. Would you rather know everything for sure? Then you are of course very welcome in ours showroom in Amsterdam. We will then work with you to determine which sofa bed suits you and the space best.

Do you have any questions about our sofa beds?

Would you like to know more about our collection or a specific model? Come and visit the showroom and view our sofa beds. Discover the benefits of a sofa bed, bedside cabinet or murphy bed. Are you also curious about the difference between a sofa bed or folding bed? Then read our blog »the difference between a sofa bed and a folding bed". Even more blogs read? No problem, we have plenty of information for you. Of course you can always contact us at 020-663 11 61 or by us Contact Form to fill in.

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Frequently asked questions about our sofa beds

What is a sofa bed?

A sofa bed or sofa bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture. During the day you can sit on the sofa bed and in the evening you can turn the sofa bed into a bed in no time at all. There are different qualities in the sofa beds. They can also fold out into a bed in different ways. The question of which type of sofa bed suits you best also has to do with how you will use the sofa bed. Our advisers can help you with this.

Where can I buy a sofa bed?

You buy a sofa bed from Easy Living.
You can buy the sofa bed in our extensive showroom in Amsterdam. Here we have more than 50 different sofa beds. We have also made a selection of our products that we offer through our Online store. Here you can buy the sofa bed online.

How much does a sofa bed cost?

Since we have a large collection of sofa beds, it is difficult to give one price for it. Our sofa beds start at around € 750. However, we also have sofa beds that can cost more than € 5000. First of all, it is about how the sofa bed will be used. If it becomes a sofa bed that you want to sleep on every night, we also ask a little more of the mechanism and the quality of the mattress. Logically, such a sofa bed is more expensive to purchase. In our showroom, our advisors can guide you in choosing the right sofa bed and show you and show you what the price differences are.

Do you also have a sofa bed sale / sofa bed sale?

We have offers and attractively priced showroom models all year round.
View for this our sale page on the website. For deviating sale promotions, keep an eye on our website or social media.

Can I sleep on the sofa bed every night?

We do not recommend all sofa beds for every night, some are more suitable for occasional use. However, we have a very nice collection of sofa beds that are suitable for sleeping every night. For this, preferably look at the sofa beds with the Royal mechanism.
The mechanism and the quality of the mattress determine, among other things, its suitability for daily use. You can also always contact us if you have additional questions about the use.

Does my sofa bed look exactly the same in real life as on the website?

We have tried to depict the product as well as possible and to show how it works. We have also tried to make the color look as natural as possible. Of course it can always differ slightly in real life, because dust, among other things, is very difficult to photograph. We therefore always advise you to come by the showroom to view the sofa beds.

Can I view and try your sofa beds in a showroom?

Of course! As a specialist store, we have an extensive showroom with more than 50 sofa beds. On the website you can find out in what form we have the sofa bed in the showroom. You are always welcome to look around and to be advised if necessary. Coffee and tea is always ready!

What is the delivery time of a sofa bed?

The delivery time of a sofa bed depends on the manufacturer. The average delivery time is 8 weeks, but there are also manufacturers who deliver faster or take a little longer about their delivery. It is always possible, if we know exactly in which sofa bed and in which version you are interested, to request the specific delivery time for you from the manufacturer. We also often have sofa beds in stock. Ask about this in the showroom or view the stock via us Online store. Sofa beds that are in stock or showroom models that are sold can generally be delivered with 2 - 14 working days.

I need to have the sofa bed by a certain date, is that possible?

If you have a final date when you need a sofa bed, please contact us first to discuss feasibility. We can work with you to see which products are eligible and whether they suit your needs.

Will my sofa bed be delivered free of charge?

Yes, we deliver all sofa beds free of charge to the mainland in the Netherlands at the location of your choice. Your sofa bed is generally delivered by our own experienced delivery team. When we leave you can use the sofa bed immediately. We also take the packaging material with us.

Does Easy Living also deliver to the Wadden Islands?

In principle, we cannot provide deliveries on the Wadden Islands. Please contact the showroom to discuss the possibilities.

Does Easy Living also deliver in Belgium?

Sometimes we can also deliver in Belgium for a surcharge. This depends on where you live in Belgium. Please contact the showroom for this.

Can my ordered sofa bed go inside?

Most of our sofa beds can be dismantled. However, not all sofa beds are removable. In addition, there is often a large part left over. It is therefore important to think carefully about this. A staircase with turning can sometimes cause problems. If you are unsure whether a sofa bed can enter your home, it is smart to make a video of your stairwell with your mobile phone before you visit our showroom. In this way, our advisers can view the situation via the video and often see whether it is possible or not. You can also send this video to us via WhatsApp.
In addition to a delivery over the stairs, a removal lift often also offers a solution. Check the size of your window when it opens and the possibility for a removal lift to park on the sidewalk in front of the door.
When purchasing, you declare that the product ordered by you can reach its destination without the use of aids (such as a moving lift). Do you have doubts? Please contact us first! If it appears upon delivery that the product cannot be delivered in the normal way, the additional costs incurred will be passed on to you.

How do I order a sofa bed?

In the showroom we draw up an order confirmation together with you and there you sign for the order after checking. If you buy a product from us via the webshop, you add the product to your shopping cart. You can then proceed to the ordering process. You will then be asked to fill in the required fields with your details. If you click on confirm at the end of the process, you place the order.

Do I have to pay for my sofa bed in full right away?

No, this is not necessary in our showroom. We only ask you for a deposit. This is usually around 10% of your purchase amount. We do this entirely in consultation with you. You are also not obliged to pay us. If you only want to pay for everything in full upon delivery, that is no problem with us.
If you buy something through our webshop, you must pay everything in one go. Don't you like that? Please contact our showroom and we will arrange the order outside the webshop, so that you do not have to pay for the purchase in full immediately.

How do I pay for the sofa bed?

We accept payments by PIN, bank transfer or cash. Unfortunately, payment by credit card is not (yet) possible with us.

What are the terms and conditions when purchasing my sofa bed?

We are affiliated with the Central Trade Association for Housing. The CBW Recognized Conditions therefore apply to you. You can use the read terms and conditions HERE

What warranty do I have on my sofa bed?

We are affiliated with the Central Trade Association for Housing. This means that you get a full warranty on the delivered product for the first 2 years. After these 2 years, we are of course still available to see where we can help you.
Naturally, the guarantee does not apply if damage has been caused by incorrect use or self-inflicted damage.