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Welcome to our decision aid

How do you choose the right sofa bed or wall bed? With our decision aid we will help you on your way to make it a little easier. Click on one of the images below to choose between sofa beds or wall beds to continue.

We like to think along with you!

We can imagine that you would like to make the choice for the right sofa bed or wall bed. Naturally, our experienced advisers are at your service when you visit our showroom. However, we can also imagine that you would like to do preliminary work online first. For this reason we have developed the decision aid. You can choose from 2 options each time via this selection aid. In this way we guide you to suitable options. We base this, among other things, on the way you plan to use the furniture. For example, do you go to sleep on the sofa bed every night or is it used incidentally for guests? We also look at the available space, for example. For example, is a horizontally folding wall bed better for you than a vertical one? In your search for your ideal sofa bed or wall bed, it is therefore important that you have a clear picture of the way of use, your wishes and the available space. Before you visit our showroom, measure the room carefully, so that we can also think along based on your dimensions.

We discuss our available bed systems when choosing a sofa bed. These are all classified by degree of use. But of course you are always free to choose the sofa bed that appeals to you. Perhaps you want to be able to offer your regular guest the best bed?

Our selection aid is therefore purely to give you an idea of all the differences within the sofa beds and wall beds. So you will notice that there is a whole world in these products! As a specialist, we have 35 years of experience in advising on sofa beds and wall beds. With us you will have the opportunity to view and try everything quietly, so that you can create a good image yourself.