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Wall beds

Wall beds

With wall beds make optimal use of the space in your home; you take out your bed to go to sleep and in the morning you fold the bed box back up. This way you have more space in the room during the day. Are you afraid you won't have time for that in the morning? No problem, because our bedside cabinets can be folded (and unfolded) in no time. In short... you don't have to get out of bed to fold your bed cupboard. Still nice to know, right? Then we also think it is very important that you find a wall bed that fits perfectly into your interior. At Easy Living you can therefore choose from more than 20 types of wall beds. With a purchase from Easy Living you also benefit from:

A showroom of 600 m2 to try out all wall beds
Free delivery and assembly throughout the Netherlands - except on the Wadden Islands
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Would you like to quickly find your ideal wall bed? We have already listed all our types. So you can easily navigate via the links below:

- Vertical wall bed
- Horizontal wall bed
- Mattress for wall bed

Would you rather view our entire range? Then scroll down!

Questions about our wall beds?

With us you will always find a wall bed that matches your interior. Check out our wall beds online and visit our showroom to view and try the different models. Do you want appropriate advice or do you have questions about our wall bed boxes? We can be reached via 020 663 11 61. You can also send a WhatsApp message to 06 82941119. But of course we enjoy helping you face to face even more. We will then look at the possibilities together and you can try, feel and see everything. Who knows, there might be one sofa bed or sofa bed which suits you better? In any case, we are happy to help you.

A wall bed: The bed that you fold up

It all sounds very complicated, a bed cupboard, but we actually call it a bed cupboard murphy bed. There is little difference between these two. All wall beds are folding beds, but some folding beds don't have a whole closet around it. The handy thing about a bedside cabinet is that you can fold it up in no time, creating more space in your room and also having a cupboard in which you can store things. Ideal for smaller bedrooms, a tiny house or studios. Folding up and unfolding a bed box requires no effort at all thanks to the gas spring system! In short, space and time savings!

The possibilities of a wall bed

With our wall beds you can choose from various types and styles. The choice of mattress is also yet to be determined, as is the possible combination with one table, desk or Bank. Do you already have a mattress or do you want to buy it elsewhere? We will then be happy to advise you on the maximum thickness and types of mattress fillings. This is indeed very important. Of course, you want your bed box to fold and unfold smoothly.

Folding up bed linen is no problem thanks to the fastening straps. These straps keep everything in place. You can expand some models with actual cabinet modules, desks or benches. Visit our showroom and get inspiration about all the possibilities with a wall bed. To ask? Don't hesitate to ask one of our expert advisors.

Types of wall beds

Vertical wall bed
With a vertical wall bed, you lie with the headboard against the wall. With this variant, the space that the wall bed takes up is slightly wider than the desired mattress width.

Horizontal wall bed
With the horizontal wall bed you lie along the wall. In this variant, the space occupied by the wall bed is slightly wider than the length of the bed. The total depth that the wall bed needs when folding out is less than with the vertical version, making these models more suitable for narrower spaces.

Wall bed including sofa
In this variant, the wall bed is combined with a sofa. During the day you can sit comfortably on the couch and in the evening you can easily fold out the bed. This way you make even more efficient use of space and you have two solutions in one. These wall beds are perfect for studios or tiny houses. 

Wall bed with table or desk
The ideal wall bed for working or dining during the day. In the evening you can easily transform the cupboard into a bed. These wall beds give the room a double function and are therefore very space-saving. Perfect for a children's room or, for example, a guest room that you want to use as a study or office during the day.

Bunk bed
A wall bed can also be designed as a bunk bed. This variant works the same as a horizontal wall bed. However, you have two sleeping places on top of each other, so the space that the bed box requires when unfolded is very small. This variant is of course great for a small children's room! This way they can share the room together, but there is plenty of room to play during the day. 

Bed boxes in various sizes

At Easy Living you can buy wall beds in various sizes, so you can always find a variant that fits perfectly in your space. (So measure your space carefully before making a purchase!) Curious what you should pay attention to? Then also read our blog. We sell both single bed cupboards if double bed cupboards. The largest possible mattress size for the bed cabinets is 1.80 m. Easy Living also sells bed cabinets with a bed length of 2.10 or even 2.20 m!

Would you like to visit our showroom?

We deliver and assemble our products to your home for free. You pay a surcharge for delivery on the Wadden Islands or in Belgium. View and try our collection in our showroom in Amsterdam. Our experienced staff is happy to provide you with appropriate advice about the perfect wall bed or a suitable folding bed for your home. Discover the advantages of a murphy bed, sofa bedsofa bed and much more. You can find the Easy Living showroom at the following address:

Easy Living BV
Middenweg 109-113A
1098 AH Amsterdam
020 663 11 61
06 82941119

Customer service

For questions or information about our wall beds, folding beds or other products, please call us 020 663 11 61 or send a message via WhatsApp to 06 82941119. We are available from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We can also be reached online via the contact form below.

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