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Working from home and little space?
Easy Living has space-saving solutions

Solutions for working from home

Working from home. We can't avoid it anymore. But what if you have little space? How do you create a workplace if you don't actually have a place? Finding a solution can be difficult, especially if the available space has to serve multiple functions. We can imagine that the demand to work from home means that rooms in the house have to be rearranged. We like to think along with you. Easy Living has several space-saving solutions! Consider a bed with desk or a folding desk. Consider, for example, our folding beds. These can be nicely combined with a table or desk. A folding bed with folding table can certainly serve as a solution. We would like to explain 3 space-saving solutions for you:

With our space-saving solutions we want to ensure that you can also create a place in a small space where you can work at home. Our solutions are very easy to use and usually ensure that they transform from desk / table to bed in an instant. A multifunctional piece of furniture is the solution when there is a lack of space.

Are you also interested in a home workplace and possibly combining this with a bed and would you like more information? Please feel free to contact us! We are easily accessible by telephone, e-mail and WhatsApp. Prefer to schedule a video call? That is also possible. Our experienced advisors are happy to think along with you! We deliver and assemble your space-saving solution for free at your home at the desired location. This applies to the whole of the Netherlands (excluding the Wadden). To give an impression of the 3 solutions that we offer, you can click on the solution of your choice below to obtain more information.