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Sofa bed 160 wide

After the width of 140 centimeters, a sofa bed 160 wide is the most common bed size chosen among the sofa beds. A sofa bed 160 x 200 centimeters wide offers a good bed width for two adults. Or it offers a lot of space on your own with room for a lodge. On this page you will find all sofa beds that are available with a bed size of 160 centimeters wide.


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Choose from various bed systems

There are also several choices in bed systems, which will suit you best depending on how you plan to use the sofa bed. We have 160 cm wide sofa beds that are suitable for every night. You choose a type of mattress filling yourself. All sofa beds have their own extensive fabric collection, so you can also give the sofa bed the look that suits your needs.

Sit and sleep comfortably with a sofa bed 160 wide

The sofa beds in our collection are characterized by quality and ease of use. During the day you can enjoy a pleasant sitting comfort and in the evening you can conjure up a bed in an instant. A 160 wide sofa bed is the ideal solution if you want to save space. You have processed both sitting and sleeping in 1 piece of furniture. A sofa bed 160 x 200 wide offers a good bed width for 2 adults. There are several choices in the bed systems, which will suit you best depending on how you want to use the sofa bed. Often there is also a choice of different types of mattresses. All sofa beds have their own extensive fabric collection so that you can also give the sofa bed the appearance that suits your needs.

Horizontal or vertical folding sofa bed

With the sofa beds you can choose between a horizontal variant or a vertically folding sofa bed. We call the horizontal variant the transverse sleeper. With a vertically folding sofa bed, the sofa bed is less wide and you therefore need a less wide space than with a transverse sleeper. When the bed is unfolded, it does come further into the room. With a vertically folding sofa bed, you lie with your headboard against the wall. With a sofa bed transverse sleeper you lie with your body along the wall. In general, this means that with a vertically folding sofa bed you can get out on both sides and with a cross sleeper you have to get out on one side or at the foot end.

Depending on the living space and your wishes, you can choose which sofa bed suits you best. Of course we can help you with this choice.

A sofa bed 160 wide for everyday use

Of course we always go for the best quality at Easy Living. For daily use, we are happy to recommend the sofa beds with the royal mechanism. This has to do with the quality of the mechanism and the stable bottom that is used in it. The metal mechanism can be easily unfolded without having to remove the cushions from the sofa first. The seating area is separate from the sleeping area. Partly because the fitted sheet can remain on the mattress, this is undeniably an advantage for daily use. A number of sofa beds have storage space for the pillows. This sofa bed system can accommodate mattresses from 14 cm thick. There are already sofa beds that have incorporated a 16 cm, 18 cm or even 20 cm thick mattress in the mechanism! Often there is also a choice of several types of mattresses, so that you can choose a lying comfort that suits you best.

Want to try a sofa bed 160 wide in the showroom?

We have a large collection of sofa beds in our showroom in Amsterdam that are available with a bed width of 160 cm. With us you can view and try several sofa beds. We understand that purchasing a sofa bed can be a significant investment for you, so we are happy to think along with you and take the time for you. We are easily accessible from the A10 ring road. We deliver and assemble your sofa bed for free within the Netherlands, excluding the Wadden.

Ask one of our sofa bed specialists for advice

Keep in mind that depending on the bed system and the model, the sofa will often be wider than the 160 cm mattress size. On the product pages you can find more information about the actual width of the sofa bed. If you have any questions, please ask our telephone number 020–663 11 61.


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