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What is the best tested sofa bed?

That is a question that is regularly asked to our advisors. However, the answer to that is not that simple. Because what is the best sofa bed for you does not necessarily have to be the best sofa bed for someone else. To name just one sofa bed as the best tested sofa bed, we think specialist in sofa beds a bit short-sighted. We prefer to work with you to find the best sofa bed for your needs. What do we pay attention to? We would like to take you through this in this blog.

Every night or occasionally?

First we look at the degree of use. One of our first questions is always about how the sofa bed will be used. Based on use, we can already indicate which sofa beds are best suited. Naturally, we (and probably you too) have higher requirements sofa bed that is slept on every night than on a sofa bed that is only slept on occasionally. We are happy to explain everything about this to you showroom. Of course you can also experience the differences there.

Comfortable sofa bed for any interior

How wide is the spot?

Do you only have a niche that is 160 cm wide? Or a lovely large spot of three meters? It is of course important that the sofa bed also fits in the space you have available. Before you come to the showroom, carefully measure the available space. Our advisors can show you which one sofa beds fit into the available space.

How big of a bed do you want?

Are you looking for a solution for 1 person? Or are you looking for a bed size of 160 cm wide? Before your visit, it is good to think about how large a bed you want or want to offer your guests.

Additional wishes?

What else is important to you about your sofa bed? For example, also think about the following questions:

- For example, would you like an L-shaped sofa bed with a corner/lounge part?
- Do you want your sofa bed to be nice and soft or firm?
- Would you like a leather sofa bed?
- Would you like a sofa bed with storage space?
- Enough to think about!

Which sofa is the best sofa bed for you therefore depends on your wishes. We like to think along with you! In our showroom you can find everything sofa beds to test. We have 50! We would be happy to work with you on the best tested sofa bed for you? Would you like to come and test yourself?

Maybe you find sofa beds interesting?