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Murphy bed with table or desk

Murphy bed with table or desk

A folding bed with a table or desk is a fantastic multifunctional piece of furniture. During the day you use the table or desk to work or eat. The bed is beautifully incorporated in a cabinet conversion. If you want to use the bed, you can conjure up the bed in no time! In many of the folding beds it is also possible to leave the duvet on the mattress and use it to fold and unfold the bed. In this way, this folding bed brings you a lot of convenience.

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Choose the right folding bed for the available space

Horizontal means that you get a wider piece of furniture and that you sleep along the wall. When unfolded, the bed extends less far into the room than with the vertical version. At one vertical folding bed the furniture is narrower and higher. With this vertical version, the bed extends further into the room. Of course, it depends on the available space which version of the folding bed will suit you best. A folding bed with table or desk is available in various models. They are all different in dimensions, versions of the table or desk and, of course, in prices. Our advisors are happy to show you all the differences in the showroom. You can view all our models in our showroom. If you know which model suits you best, each manufacturer also has a collection of various colors and designs that you can choose from to ensure that the folding bed with table or desk also in terms of design, it suits your style and your living space.

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We deliver and install your murphy bed free in the Netherlands (excluding the Wadden Sea). After delivery, we will take the packaging material with us, so that you can immediately enjoy your folding bed with table or desk (when we are gone)!

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