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Wall bed Murphy wall bed with drawers

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the wall bed Murphy half open. The pillows can also be stored in this version.
The Murphy wall bed with drawers has a higher bed and more storage space thanks to the drawers
The wall bed Murphy folded out as a bed. The drawers under the bed ensure that the bed is at a pleasant height
These are the melamine colors in which the Murphy cabinet can be delivered
These are the lacquer colors that can also be delivered horizontally on the Murphy wall bed

Wall bed Murphy wall bed with drawers

The Murphy wall bed is available with a depth of 33 cm. and 44.6 cm. For example, a wall bed with a depth of 44.6 cm. you can place the pillows behind the brackets (see photo). In addition, there is a choice in the bed length of 200 cm. or 210 cm. This of course has consequences for the height of the wall bed and how far the bed folds in the room, in other words the unfolded size. What also influences the height of the Murphy wall bed is the choice of whether or not to have drawers under the wall bed. This means that due to all these options, it will almost always be possible to make a suitable choice.

Choice of color of the wall bed Murphy with or without drawers

The wall bed falls outside the melamine colors also in different paint colors be delivered. Moreover, it is also possible to combine lacquer with melamine. With a bed width of 140, 160 and 180 cm. you can order the bed base in 2 parts at an additional cost. That means the Murphy wall bed will go in just about anywhere.

De bedkast verticaal met laden klapt zeer eenvoudige op en neer

Prices in melamine colors excluding mattress from:

Bed length 200 cm.
without loading with loading
cabinet height 210.5 cm. 236.8 cm.
Cabinet depth 33 cm. 44.6 cm. 33 cm. 44.6 cm.
Expanded 217 cm. 228 cm. 217 cm. 228 cm.
85 1998 2237 2335 2455
110 2270 2521 2600 2756
140 2470 2759 2781 3024
160 2495 2782 2812 3066
180 2882
3236 3325 3463


Bed length 210 cm.
without loading with loading
cabinet height 220.5 cm. 246.8 cm.
Cabinet depth 33 cm. 44.6 cm. 33 cm. 44.6 cm.
Expanded 227 cm. 238 cm. 227 cm. 238 cm.
85 2408 2647 2745 2865
110 2680 2931 3010 3166
140 2880 3169 3191 3434
160 2905 3192 3222 3476
180 3292
3646 3735
On wish list
Cabinet width (in cm)

100, 126, 159, 179, 199

Cabinet depth (in cm)

33, 44,6

Cabinet height (in cm)

210,5, 220,5, 236,8, 246,8

Unfolded size (in cm)

217, 227, 228, 238

Bed width (in cm)

85, 100, 140, 160, 180

Bed length (in cm)

200, 210

Bed height (in cm)

66 cm. with a mattress of 16 cm. fat

Fold-out direction



Slatted base


Multiple melamine colors and lacquer colors

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