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Wall bed Easy Desk

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Wall bed Easy desk in the desk position
The Easy Desk wall bed is folded down as a bed
Wall bed Easy Desk ready to work
Wall bed Easy Desk on the way from desk to bed
Wall bed Easy Desk unfolded as a bed
Wall bed Easy with spacious desk on the way to the bed with a size of 160x200 cm.

Wall bed Easy Desk

Wall bed Easy Desk has a large desk and bed in one place. This horizontal folding wall bed is available in the bed sizes 90, 100, 140, 160 and 180x200 cm. In addition, the Easy desk wall bed offers you many options for combining with colours. For example, the desk can be colored differently or the same as the front and body of the wall bed. You can also opt for an upholstered rear wall and/or lighting.
With this program you have the option of buying cabinets next to and on top of the wall bed. The solid slatted base of the Easy Desk wall bed has recently become available in 2 parts. This will certainly help to get the wall bed on the correct floor upon delivery.
With the bed size of 160 and 180 cm. wide, the bed base can always be dismantled. With a bed size of 140 cm. wide, the bed base is standard in one piece. This can also be delivered in 2 parts at an additional cost. You can choose from more than 150 different melamine versions in wood colours, lacquer colours, high-gloss colors and metal finishes. It should be clear that there are different price categories. The wall bed shown has a mattress size of 160x200 cm.

Starting prices of the wall bed Easy Desk

That includes desk, excluding mattress and in the first price category for a bed size of:

  90 x 200 cm, Price from: € 3,378
100 x 200 cm, Price from: € 3.506
140 x 200 cm, Price from: € 3.567
160 x 200 cm, Price from: € 4,020 divisible floor
180 x 200 cm, Price from: € 4,207 divisible floor

The Easy horizontal wall bed is also available without a desk. For information you can here click.
There is also a vertical version of this Easy wall bed. For the vertical wall bed Easy you can: here click.

On wish list
Cabinet width (in cm)


Cabinet depth (in cm)


Cabinet height (in cm)

102,2, 112,2, 158,9 – 178,9 – 198,9

Unfolded size (in cm)

114, 124, 164, 184, 204

Bed width (in cm)

90, 100, 140, 160, 180

Bed length (in cm)


Fold-out direction



Slatted base


Lots of choice