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Wall bed Boxer

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Atmosphere photo of bedside cabinet folding bed boxer
Folded out bed box Folding bed Boxer
Half Open Wall Bed Boxer
These are the melamine colors in which the Murphy cabinet can be delivered
These are the lacquer colors that can also be delivered horizontally on the Murphy wall bed

Wall bed Boxer

Bed box Boxer with or without drawers

The Boxer wall bed is also available in 2 different depths, namely 35 cm. and 44.6 cm. When, for example, a depth of 44.6 cm is chosen. then the pillows can still be placed behind the brackets and also stored in the cupboard. In addition to the melamine colours, the Boxer wall bed can also be supplied in various lacquer colours. When you choose a bed width of 140, 160 or 180 cm. it is also possible to order the bed base in 2 parts at an additional cost, so that the Boxer will go inside almost everywhere. In summary, it should be clear that the Boxer wall bed can almost always come into your home, provided we have received all information from you regarding the stairwell and the walls.

In our webshop we also have an offer for the Boxer wall bed with a depth of 35 cm. in melamine white with a bed size of 140x200 cm. and 160x200 cm.

Boxer 140x200 cm. in melamine white from € 2,086 now € 1.849 (if available).

Boxer 160x200 cm. in melamine white from € 2,105 now € 1.895 (if available)

BED LENGTH 200 cm. Cabinet depth 35 cm. Cabinet depth 44.6 cm.
CABINET HEIGHT 222.5 cm. 222.5 cm.
Melamine Lacquer Melamine Lacquer
UNFOLDED 217 cm. 217 cm. 228 cm. 228 cm.
85x200 cm. 1769 2165 1867 2361
120x200 cm. 1978 2487 2086 2714
140x200 cm. 2086 2706 2276 3034
160x200 cm. 2105 2785 2324 3155
180x200 cm. 2329 3070 2522 3419

Important information regarding the delivery of the Boxer wall bed:

When we deliver the Boxer wall bed to you, it is important to know that the wall bed will arrive partly disassembled. Therefore, the largest part that remains is the bed frame and has a size of 205x145x7 cm. (for example with a bed size of 140x200 cm.) It is therefore necessary that this part must be able to enter your home.

However, if you have a spiral staircase or a staircase with a kink, that could also cause delivery problems. On that basis, we request that you measure this carefully and also contact us if there is any doubt.
Furthermore, the wall bed is delivered and mounted by us at the location chosen by you and attached to the wall by means of brackets. It is therefore also important to know whether it is a solid wall of concrete, stone or gypsum concrete blocks. If in doubt, please contact us. Delivery and assembly are FREE in the Netherlands (excl. the Wadden).
On the other hand, if you would like a delivery to the Wadden Islands or Belgium, we ask you to contact us first about the possible option and additional cost. It follows that we will then come back to you.

On wish list
Cabinet width (in cm)

100,5, 135,5, 155,5, 175,5, 195,5

Cabinet depth (in cm)

35, 44,6

Cabinet height (in cm)


Unfolded size (in cm)

217, 228

Bed width (in cm)

85, 120, 140, 160, 180

Bed length (in cm)


Bed height (in cm)

46.5 cm. with a mattress of 16 cm. fat

Fold-out direction



Slatted base


Lacquer, Melamine

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