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Sofa beds

Sofa beds can be divided into different categories depending on the use. When you indicate below in the sofa bed selection guide how you plan to use the sofa bed, you will go one step further in the selection guide.

Which sofa bed for which use?

We are happy to help you choose the right sofa bed with our sofa bed selection aid. Our first important question we always ask is, "How are you going to use the sofa bed?" Do you go to sleep on it yourself every night? Then very regularly? Or is the sofa bed used incidentally by guests? The degree of use also logically determines how intensively, for example, the mechanism and the mattress etc. are used. You may also have more requirements for the comfort and ease of use of the bed if you have to sleep on it every night. We have various sofa beds with different bed systems in our range. We try to give you a good explanation about the bed systems, appropriate to the degree of use, by means of the decision aid. We provide explanations and advice, but you are always free to decide for yourself which sofa bed suits you best. All our sofa beds are in the higher segment. It is then up to you how crazy you want to make it for your guests, for example. We can also imagine that you give very valuable guests a good night's sleep.

Most sofa beds are available in various bed sizes. It is therefore also good to ask yourself what kind of bed size you are looking for. After choosing the right model, you proceed to the choice of fabric. This is often very spacious for every sofa bed. So you can choose a nice fabric that suits your style. Sometimes it is even possible to choose a different mattress filling for a different comfort.