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Sofa beds: occasional use

The selection aid for occasional use zooms in on the sofa beds that are perfectly suited for this use. They can be divided into 2 categories: sofa beds that fold out forwards or sofa beds that fold out along the wall. Click on your desired type below!

Choosing the perfect sofa bed for occasional use

Do you get cozy guests once in a while or do you occasionally change to a different bed? Super handy to have a sofa bed somewhere! During the day, the sofa bed serves as an extra seating option. Perhaps a place to retreat with a good book? Or a separate TV room? Or the office where a sofa provides a moment of relaxation? The possibilities are there! And if it is necessary to have an extra bed, you can convert the sofa bed into a comfortable bed in no time. These sofa beds come in various shapes and sizes. We help you to find the suitable type through the selection aid for incidental use. First of all, they can be divided into sofa beds that fold out to the front and sofa beds where you lie along the wall. A sofa bed that folds out to the front is often less wide, but takes up more space when it folds out. A sofa bed that folds out along the wall is often a wider sofa, but does not enter the room as far as it is being unfolded. So it depends on the available space what is the best choice for you. If you have a long narrow room, the models that fold out along the wall may be better suited, for example. Our advisers can of course show you the differences in the showroom, so that you can create a good picture of which type of sofa bed suits you best. So take the available sizes with you during your visit in preparation!