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Sofa bed Alexa 2x80x200

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Two sofa beds or Alexa sofa beds, one of which is converted into a bed
Two Alexa 80 sleeping chairs are shown slightly apart
Two sofa beds or Alexa 80 sofa beds next to each other, making it look like a sofa
Two Alexa 80 sleeping chairs, one of which is folded out
Two Alexa 80 sleeping chairs that together make a bed of 160 x 200 cm. to create

Sofa bed Alexa 2x80x200

The Alexa sofa bed has a very easy to operate mechanism. When you lift the seat slightly and pull it forward, the bed system rolls out. A polyether mattress is standard on the slatted base. You also have the option to opt for a cold foam or gel form mattress for an additional charge. As shown in the picture, we have put 2 Alexa 80 sleeping chairs against each other, so that it looks like a sofa, but can be operated independently and can be moved apart if necessary. The sitting and sleeping height is 5 cm. order higher. The Alexa sofa bed offers a choice of different bed widths and a large number of fabrics. In our webshop we have an offer in the colors red and gray for the Alexa's with Gelform mattress.

For 2 Sofa beds Alexa 80 cm. with gel form mattress in the colors red or gray from €1,530 before €1,349. Click on the desired color.

For Sleeping chair Alexa 80 with gel-form mattress in the colors red or gray from €765 before €695. Click on the desired color.

Prices with a standard polyether mattress:

Alexa, 2x80x200 cm. from € 1,358
Also available with the bed sizes
Alexa, 80 x 200 cm. from € 679
Alexa, 120 x 200 cm. from €861
Alexa, 140 x 200 cm. from € 898
Alexa, 155 x 200 cm. from € 939
On wish list
Sofa width (in cm)

120, 140, 155, 160, 80

Bench depth (in cm)


Unfolded size (in cm)


Bed width (in cm)

2×80, 80, 120, 140, 155

Bed length (in cm)


Bed height (in cm)



Slatted base

Mattress options

Gelform, Cold Foam, Polyether

Bed system

BZ system



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