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Sleeping couch Sly

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Dess. 528 dark blue
Dess. 527
Dess. 563 gray
Dess. 534 blue

Sleeping couch Sly

Sofa bed Sly Innovation with the Functional Transverse mechanism all in all it has a beautiful design with a sleek appearance. The functional transverse mechanism is a very solid mechanism that can be used firstly as a single bed and secondly as a double bed. After you remove the cushions from the sofa, you immediately have a single bed. You reach the storage compartment by extending the seating area forwards. When you then fold down the back part, a great double bed is created. The Sly Innovation sofa bed therefore has a number of fabrics on offer. The frame of the sofa bed is always black.

The solid pocket spring mattress on a metal grid creates an excellent single bed of 75x200 cm. By extending the seating area, you can access the storage compartment, among other things. The back section can now be folded down, creating a double bed of 140x200 cm. arises. Your guest or your guests can easily spend one or more nights on this bed.

Offer in dark blue design. 528 with black frame € 1,325 in the webshop.

On the other hand, the offer price is € 1,399 in the gray dess fabrics. 563, dess. 527 and dess. 534

Finally, if you would opt for the other fabrics, the price is: € 1,643

So you can choose from the following offer materials:

Dess. 528 dark blue dess. 527 beige
Dess. 528 Dess. 527


dess. 534 black Dess. 563 gray
Dess. 534 Dess. 563

Sofa bed Sly

Important information regarding the delivery of the Sly sofa bed:

The Sly sofa bed is packed in 3 cardboard boxes and can therefore be used anywhere. In addition, we assemble the sofa bed at the location chosen by you and then take all the packaging material with us. In short; after all, that's a service!
Delivery and assembly are FREE in the Netherlands (excl. the Wadden).
If you would like a delivery to the Wadden Islands or Belgium, please contact us. We can also inform you about the possibilities and the additional cost.

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