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Bed box Clever

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Behind this cupboard wall there is a sea of cupboard space and a perfect bed. Smart & Clever
Folded out, it creates a great bed for every night. Smart and Clever
Just store it in this compact wall bed Clever
A choice can be made for the body of the wall bed Clever from all these samples
From these samples, a choice can be made for the front of the wall bed Clever

Bed box Clever

Wall bed Clever is sleek, modern and top quality.

Folding and unfolding is a piece of cake and this wall bed is mounted for FREE. From a bed width of 160 cm. 2 separate mattresses are always supplied. Because the wall bed Clever stands on legs and all doors are handleless, this wall bed has a very sleek appearance. There is also a very wide choice of colors and combining is also possible. The legs can be in black or in aluminum color.


The wall bed Clever is available with a height of 185.4 cm. and 230 cm. including top cabinet. It is possible to purchase side cabinets for both the lower and higher versions. This may concern hanging, laying, display and/or corner cabinets. In short, a sleek, modern wall can be created with lots of storage space and a fantastic bed.

In addition to the standard polyether mattress, you can also opt for a pocket spring or cold foam mattress for the wall bed Clever. You can also try these in our showroom. The standard mattress length for this folding bed is 205 cm. The mattresses lie on a very solid slatted base with double slats on the hip section, so that the hardness can be regulated to some extent.
The wall bed Clever folds in and out with a lot of storage space in the side and wall cupboards
Unfolded there is 224 cm. necessary

Prices for single the vertical bed boxes including polyether mattress start at:

Cabinet height 185.4 cm.
Bed size: 86x205 cm. by € 3.460 offer before € 3,250
Bed size: 110x205 cm. by € 3.741 offer before €3,495
Bed size: 140x205 cm. by € 4.369 offer before €4,095
Bed size: 2x80x205 cm. by € 5.175 offer before € 4,850
Bed size: 2x86x205 cm. by € 5.653 offer before € 5,295
Cabinet height 230 cm. incl. wall cabinet
Bed size: 86x205 cm. by € 3.827 offer before € 3,595
Bed size: 110x205 cm. by € 4.527 offer before € 4,250
Bed size: 140x205 cm. by € 5.302 offer before €4,995
Bed size: 2x80x205 cm. by € 6.254 offer before € 5,895
Bed size: 2x86x205 cm. by € 6.657 offer before € 6,250

Important information regarding the delivery of the wall bed/folding bed Clever:

When we deliver the wall bed Clever to you, it is important to know that the wall bed will arrive assembled. We can of course also dismantle the wall bed and rebuild it inside. The largest part that remains is 100x175(86cm.), 120x175(110 cm.), 150x175(140 cm.), 170x175(2x80 cm.) and 185x175(2x86 cm.). With a bed size of 2x80 cm. and 2x86 cm. it is possible to order the bed frame in 2 parts for an additional cost of € 300, so that it can be brought in almost anywhere. With a bed size of 2x70 cm. a divisible bed base is also available at an additional cost of € 396. A spiral staircase or a staircase with a bend could cause problems. We therefore ask you to measure this properly and to contact us if there is any doubt. You can also send us a video of the stairs to our whatsapp number 0682941119
The wall bed Clever is supplied by us and mounted at the location of your choice and attached to the wall. It is therefore important that it is a solid wall of concrete, stone or gypsum concrete blocks. In case of doubt, we ask you to contact us.

On wish list
Cabinet width (in cm)

122, 153, 173, 99, 185

Cabinet depth (in cm)


Cabinet height (in cm)

230, 185,4

Unfolded size (in cm)


Bed width (in cm)

2×80, 2×86, 86, 110, 140

Bed length (in cm)


Bed height (in cm)


Fold-out direction



Slatted base


Oak, Beech heartwood, Slate grey, Wild oak veneer, White, light grey, arctic white, San Remo oak, sand

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