The Twilight system is a very luxurious bed mechanism. Standard bed length is 200 cm. Bed width is 80, 115 140, 160, 2x 80 or 180 cm. Bed height is 55 cm.

The Twilight bed system is suitable for everyday use because of the high quality of the bed mechanism and the solid base. The metal mechanism can be folded out simply, without removing the cushions. Seating and sleeping parts are separate. The fitted sheet can be folded in with the mattress which is very convenient if used on a daily basis. Some models have additional storage space for pillows. This system can be fitted with mattresses from 14 cm. thick. Some sofa beds even have 16, 18 or 20 cm. mattresses!!!

Matttress: Spring, cold foam, pocket spring, latex or slow foam
Underlayment: metal gridding