Sofa bed Naos

Width Sofa (in cm) 175
Depth sofa(in cm) 90
Unfolded size (in cm) 210
Width bed (in cm) 140
Length bed (in cm) 195
Height bed (in cm) 55
Bed base Metal grid
Mattress options Dunlopillo koudschuim HR 35
Bed system Nova-Millennium
Upholstery Fabric

Name: Sofa bed Naos


Width sofa: 175 cm
Depth sofa: 90 cm
Width bed: 140 cm
Height bed: 55 cm
Length bed: 195 cm
Unfolded size: 210 cm.
Mattress: Dunlopillo Cold foam HR 35

The sofa bed Naos is compact and has a good mattress. Because of the Nova-millennium system, sitting and sleeping are separated from each other. The sofa is rather narrow and provides a bed of 140x195 cm. Great for people who stay a few nights. At the back of the back cushions space has been left free to store the pillows. The fitted sheet can remain on the mattress. Only the duvet must be stored somewhere else. The sofa bed Naos is available in 25 different fabrics.

Price in fabric with a bed size of

  • Bed 140 x 195 v.a. € 1,348

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