Sofa bed Mirabeau

Width Sofa (in cm) 196 - 216
Depth sofa(in cm) 93
Unfolded size (in cm) 212
Width bed (in cm) 140 - 160
Length bed (in cm) 200
Height bed (in cm) 56
Bed base metal grid
Mattress options Treca Bosphore
Bed system Twilight
Upholstery Fabric

Bed system: TWILIGHT

The sofa bed Mirabeau has the Twilight fold-out system with a very good Treca Bosphore mattress and provides an extremely comfortable bed for every night. The fitted sheet can be folded up. The armrest is pleasantly high and the sofa has a softer seat comfort. With the Mirabeau sofa bed you have a wide choice of fabrics and you can choose from a bed of 140 or 160 cm. wide.

The initial prices of the sofa bed Mirabeau are:

  • Bed 140x200 from € 2.799(width sofa 196 cm.)
  • Bed 160x200 from € 3.040(width sofa 216 cm.)

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