Sofa bed Minnie

Width Sofa (in cm) 147 - 197 - 217 - 247
Depth sofa(in cm) 82
Unfolded size (in cm) 205
Width bed (in cm) 80 - 130 - 150 - 180
Length bed (in cm) 205
Height bed (in cm) 27
Bed base slatted base
Mattress options Polyether - Cold foam
Bed system Rollomatic
Upholstery Fabric, Leather

Bed mechanism: ROLLOMATIC

Width sofa: 147, 197, 217 or 247 cm.
Width bed: 80, 130, 150 en 180 cm.
Height bed: 27 cm
Length bed: 205 cm
Mattress: Polyether
Cover: Wide variety of fabrics and leather
Sizes depend on choice of arm rests.

If you don’t want your sofa bed to take too much space, sofa bed Minnie is the perfect choice.  From back to front, sofa bed Minnie only measures 82 cm. It is designed beautifully. At our showroom Sofa bed Minnie can be found with one arm rest and a hocker but that is just one of the options. You may prefer two arm rests and no hocker, the choice is yours. Narrow arm rests can be ordered specially. There is also a version with longchair. If you would like to know more about this sofa bed, please contact us or visit us at our showroom.

 Price according to size:

  •   80 x 205 from € 1.545
  • 130 x 205 from € 1.699
  • 150 x 205 from € 2.175
  • 180 x 205 from € 2.505

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