Sofa bed Lampo

Width Sofa (in cm) 103 - 168 - 188 - 199
Depth sofa(in cm) 92
Unfolded size (in cm) 210
Width bed (in cm) 75 - 140 - 160 - 2x75
Length bed (in cm) 200
Height bed (in cm) 57
Bed base metal grid - slatted base
Mattress options Sping - foam - pocket spring - latex
Bed system Twilight
Upholstery Fabric
Removable upholstery Yes

Sofa-bed Lampo 3 Small

Bed system: TWILIGHT

The Lampo 3 Small sofa bed is compressed in such a way that the total width of the sofa is only 28 cm. more than the bed width. With the Twilight bed system, this sofa bed has one of the best mechanisms. In combination with an innerspring, polyether, pocket springs or Latex mattress, a great bed can be obtained. The sofa bed here has 2 beds of 75 cm. wide that can be operated independently of each other. Handy if there is one guest or the sleepers do not have to lie together in one bed. However, it is also possible to obtain this sofa bed with a bed width of 75, 140 or 160 cm. In those bed sizes, there is one mechanism and one mattress. You can see, own and use the Lampo3 Small sofa bed in our showroom. We hope to see you soon.

Price with standard innerspring mattress with a bed size of:

    •     75x200 from € 2,376
    •   140x200 from € 3,233
    •   160x200 from € 3,399
    • 2x75x200 from € 4,534

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