Sofa beds

Looking for a good quality sofa bed? Easy Living offers you:

  • More than 50 different kinds of sofa bed
  •  A large showroom in which you can try them all
  • Free delivery in the Netherlands and at extra cost in Belgium.
  • CBW-recognized.

Easy Living offers a large selection of high quality sofa beds in various styles. Almost every model is available as a double sofa bed. Looking for a sofa that can be delivered shortly? Have a look at showroom models. You’ll find them under special offers.

More information about our sofa bed can be found on the product pages.

Sofa beds

Discover Easy Living’s wide and all-round selection of sofa beds. We sell models in various colours, sizes and styles. At Easy Living you will find single, as well as double sofa beds.

Single or double?

The majority of sofa beds is available in different sizes. Most models can be ordered as a double sofa bed. (from 140cm. wide) You will find more information about sizes on the product page of the model of your choice.

Every day or incidental use?

Most of our sofa beds are suitable for everyday use. Some of our models are more suitable as guest beds. With these sofa beds, the accent is mostly on design.

De bed mechanism and the type of mattress determine if a sofa bed is more suitable as a guest bed or if it can be used daily. Not certain you’re choosing the right model? Please contact us. We’re always happy to help you.

Bed mechanism and mattress.

There are eight different types of bed systems. Depending on the type of mechanism, we offer a choice of polyether, spring, pocket spring, latex, cold foam, futon and slow foam mattresses.

In most cases, our sofa beds have a slatted or a metal spiral bed base. Some models have storage room for bed linen. You’ll find more information on the product pages of the model of your choice.

More information

 Do you want to know more about our collection or a specific sofa bed? Please contact us at 020-663 11 61 or fill out our contact form.