Sofa bed 140x200

The most common bed width with our sofa beds is 140 centimeters. If you are looking for a 2-person sofa bed of 140 x 200 centimeters then you have come to the right place! A width of 140 centimeters is a standard double bed size and suitable for two adults. This bed size is the most preferred for both sofa beds and standard double beds. Our range consists of a wide range of sofa beds. You can choose from different types of bed systems, suitable for various purposes.


  • More than 50 different sofa beds
  • Free delivery to the Dutch mainland
  • CBW quality mark
  • Wide choice of fabrics

The space-saving 2-in-1 sofa

We offer 140 cm wide sofa beds that are suitable for daily use and where you can make a choice in the type of mattress filling. All sofa beds have their own extensive fabric collection so that you can give the sofa the look that suits your needs.

The space-saving double sofa bed

A sofa bed is the ideal solution if you want to save space. Because you have processed both sitting and sleeping in 1 piece of furniture. The sofa beds in our collection are characterized by quality and ease of use. During the day you can enjoy pleasant sitting comfort and in the evening you can conjure up a bed in no time. A mattress size of 140 cm wide is the most common bed size with our sofa beds. A sofa bed 140 wide is a standard double bed and therefore perfectly suitable for 2 adults.

Horizontal or vertically folding sofa bed

With the sofa beds you can choose between a horizontal variant or a vertically folding sofa bed. We call the horizontal variant the cross sleeper. With a vertically folding sofa bed, the sofa bed is less wide and you therefore need a less wide space than with a transverse sleeper. When the bed is unfolded, it will travel further into the room. With a vertically folding sofa bed you lie with your headboard against the wall. With a sofa bed you sleep with your body along the wall. In general, this means that you can get out on both sides with a vertically folding sofa bed and with one bed or at the foot end of a transverse sleeper.

Depending on the living space and your wishes, you choose which variant suits you best. We can of course help you with this choice.

The possibilities of the sofa beds

In our extensive showroom in Amsterdam we have a wide selection of sofa beds with a bed 140 cm wide. Our experienced advisors can help you find a suitable sofa bed for your needs. An important question in choosing the right sofa bed model is whether you will use it every day or whether the bed will be used occasionally for guests. This determines, among other things, the choice for the quality of the bed system and lying comfort. Once you have found a suitable model, there is also a choice of an extensive fabric collection that allows you to give the sofa bed the look that suits you.

Questions about a sofa bed 140 wide?

Keep in mind that the model is wider than the mattress size. On the product pages you can find more information about the actual width of the sofa. Do you have any questions? Then contact us at 020-663 11 61 .