Little sofa bed

Looking for a sofa bed that is not that big? Then we may have the little sofa bed that you are looking for! If the room where the sofa bed comes in is not that big, then it is nice to choose a smaller sofa bed. A sofa bed is nowadays a real addition to your interior. Many sofa beds in our offer are initially not recognized as a sofa bed. Easy Living offers you the best models, but especially a lot of space!

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Turn your sofa bed into a bed

A sofa bed can ensure that you can use the smaller space in a multifunctional way! Each sofa bed has its own fabric collection, so you can choose a sofa that suits your needs. On this page we show all the sofa beds in our collection that take up less space in width as a sofa and are therefore smaller than average.

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A sofa bed; for when the space is not that big

A smaller sofa bed is nice if you don't have a lot of space, but still want to organize the space efficiently. A sofa bed is the ideal solution if you want to save space. Because you have processed both sitting and sleeping in 1 piece of furniture. The sofa beds in our collection are characterized by quality and ease of use. During the day you can enjoy pleasant sitting comfort and in the evening you can conjure up a bed in no time.

Each sofa bed has its own fabric collection, so you can choose a sofa bed that suits your needs.

Dimensions of a sofa bed

In our sofa bed and sofa bed collection you will find various types of sofa beds and bed systems with different dimensions. On the product page you can see in which sofa width, bed width and bed length the sofa bed is available.

For every night or occasional use?

The majority of our collection is suitable for daily use. A number of the sofa beds can mainly be used as a guest bed.

The bed system, mattress type and operation determine the suitability of a sofa bed as a permanent bed or as a guest bed. Do you have doubts about the suitability of a particular sofa bed model? Please feel free to contact us . We are happy to help you.

Buy a sofa bed?

We have a large collection of sofa beds in our showroom in Amsterdam. With us you can view and try different types of sofa beds. We understand that purchasing a sofa bed can be a considerable investment for you, so we are happy to think along with you and take the time for you. We are easily accessible from the A10 ring road. We deliver and assemble your sofa bed for free within the Netherlands, excluding the Wadden.

Want to know more about a sofa bed?

Do you have questions about a sofa bed that you would like to ask us? You can contact us in various ways:

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