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Sofa bed, which is the best choice?

At a good sofa bed it is important that it is a nice place to sit and sleep in one. In addition, you also want it to be a sofa bed that you will use for a long time, because it is a waste of your investment if the quality deteriorates quickly. This is something we often see happen with the cheaper variants. We as specialty store in sofa beds can dispel any negative prejudices! Are you curious? Then take a look at our large collection sofa beds of high quality. Would you like some more information and know what the best sofa bed is? Then read on, because we are happy to provide expert advice.

What is a good sofa bed?

This is always the big question; what is a really good sofa bed? We then immediately ask a question in return, namely; how will you use the sofa bed? Do you really sleep on it every night or is it occasionally used by a guest, for example? Will the sofa bed be used as a sofa during the day or will it be placed in a separate room, where it will serve as extra seating. There are different requirements for all the above situations. The budget is of course also adapted to the requirements you set for the usage situation. We will provide an explanation for each situation.

Sofa Bed What Is The Best Choice

Sofa bed for everyday use

If you are going to use the sofa bed as your own bed on a daily basis, we recommend it Royal Mechanism† This mechanism actually just gives the strongest sofa bed with the best bed. The mechanism and support must of course be able to be folded in and out for a longer period of time without any problems, and must be able to be used frequently and not sag. With our many years of experience, we know that the Royal mechanism is the strongest mechanism that exists and we have been selling it for years without any problems for every night.

The lying height at the Royal Mechanics is between 50 and 54 cm. The Royal mechanism can accommodate mattresses with a thickness of 14 cm or more. Nowadays the mattresses are available thicker and we also have the option of a mattress thickness of 16, 18 or 20 cm! With most of our models you can also choose from various mattresses. With the Royal mechanism you can fold the mattress with bottom sheet and molton. Some models have a storage space for a blanket and pillow in the sofa. The mechanism can be easily unfolded, without having to remove the cushions from the sofa first. With this mechanism, the seat and back cushions are not used as part of the bed. So without the hassle of carrying around with loose cushions! That's great if it has to become your daily activity. You can turn your sofa into a comfortable bed in no time at all.

We sell this Royal Mechanics in various bed widths. So you can choose from

Sofa bed 80 cm
Sofa bed 115 cm
Sofa bed 2 x 80 cm

You can visit our showroom or take a look our webshop.

Sofa bed for very regular use

Do you have guests who come to stay for a longer period of time or are you looking for something, for example in the holiday home that you want to use for a few weeks in a row? Then it is Comfort Plus Mechanism a good purchase. Opening the bed is the same as with the Royal Mechanics. A separate mattress appears in a simple twisting motion. In this case, too, sitting is separated from lying down.

Would you like to improve sleeping comfort even more? Then this mechanism offers various choices. For example, you can choose to order a slatted base as a bed base instead of a metal grid. This is of better quality if you are going to use the bed very frequently. In addition, there is also a wide choice of mattresses, each of which contributes to sleeping comfort in their own way. Then let yourself be informed in our showroom.

Sofa Bed What Is The Best Choice

Sofa bed for occasional use

If you have a sleepover, there is of course also plenty to be found in our range. Your occasional guest will also love to relax on an Easy Living sofa bed! You may have to do a few more actions before the sofa changes into a bed, but that's okay for once. Of course we want the guest to want to come and sleep comfortably next time, so we really don't scare him or her with a bad bed! Two mechanisms are very suitable for the occasional slumber. So you can choose from the Comfort Mechanism or Functional Mechanism† We will go into the details for each mechanism.

The Comfort Mechanism

The Comfort Mechanism works just as quickly and easily as the Royal Mechanics. However, this mechanism and the mattress have less to endure due to occasional use. As a result, the quality can be a bit less heavy, but that also makes the price a lot friendlier! For occasional use, this mechanism is more than fine and you can offer your occasional guest a lovely bed!

The Functional Mechanism

A sofa bed with this mechanism generally takes up the least space in the room. The seating area often also becomes part of the bed, so that no space is taken up for mechanical work. This one sofa beds are often suitable for a small place. You need to do a little more to convert the sofa bed into a bed, but these are often very easy to do. We will of course provide you with a detailed explanation at the time of purchase.

Sofa bed for the narrow long room

Sometimes there is not much room to unfold a sofa bed. We also have suitable sofa beds for this. These then have a Functional Cross Mechanism† With such a system, you create a bed after unfolding, in which the sofa width becomes the bed length. In other words; you sleep with the body along the wall. With this system, the seat is used as a mattress. Sometimes there is also a storage compartment for the bed linen under these benches, so that you do not have to store it separately. Always nice when the space is a bit smaller.

Our experienced advisors are happy to help you!

In our extensive showroom we have a wide choice of sofa beds. Our experienced advisors can help you find a suitable sofa bed for your needs. Tastes differ, but most sofa beds are available in many materials and colors. This way you can give the sofa bed the look that suits you. We hope this will help you in your search for the best sofa bed. Come by in our showroom! Are you also curious about the latest trends in sofa beds? Then read our blog 'sofa bed, what are the trends'.

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