Sofa bed Split Back

Width Sofa (in cm) 210
Depth sofa(in cm) 92
Unfolded size (in cm) 115
Width bed (in cm) 115
Length bed (in cm) 210
Height bed (in cm) 39
Bed base Metal grid
Mattress options Pocket spring
Bed system Lateral sleeper

Sofa Bed Split Back

Bed system: see below

The Split Back sofa bed is a beautiful modern sofa with a relaxation and sleep function with a pocket spring mattress on a metal grid. The bed is suitable to serve as a guest bed. Below you will find the various fabric options in which the Split Back sofa bed can be delivered quickly. There is also an appropriate armchair Split Back available with relax function. The delivery time in the specified fabrics is approximately 4-5 weeks.


  • Split Back 115 x 210 cm. v.a. € 999 without arms
  • Split Back 115 x 210 cm. v.a. € 1,253 with Sharp arms
  • Split Back armchair v.a. € 537 without arms

You can choose from the following fabrics:

Dess. 216                   Dess. 507                 Dess. 521

Dess. 525                   Dess. 531                  Dess. 550

  • In our showroom we have the Splitback sofa bed with arms.

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