Sofa bed with storage

A sofa bed with storage space is ideal if you also want to be able to store bed linen and perhaps also pillows. However, with the sofa beds that work with a mechanism with a separate mattress, there is no more room for storage space. Sofa bed Box is an exception to the rule, because with this model the manufacturer has cleverly used the armrests as storage space.

  • A large showroom in Amsterdam
  • Free delivery to the Dutch mainland
  • Various sizes of sofa beds
  • Wide choice of fabric and mattress

Put the duvet in your sofa bed

The sofa beds with sufficient storage space can be found in the lateral sleepers. The storage spaces are then in a box or bag under the beds. On this page you will find all sofa beds that have storage space. If you have more questions about this, you can always contact us at 020-663 11 61 .

Also store your bedding in a sofa bed with storage space!

If you also want to be able to store your bedding and possibly pillows, a sofa bed with storage space is ideal. The storage space can often be found under the sofa bed when you slide a part of the sofa bed forward or open it. The advisors in the showroom can of course help you to show all the storage compartments that are available. With the sofa beds that have bed systems with a separate mechanism with a mattress in them, there is often no room for a storage compartment. This is because the mechanism takes up all the space in the bank. With this type of bed system you can think of a sofa bed with a long chair. Storage space is often hidden in the longchair. Also in the lateral sleepers there are often storage spaces.

Horizontal or vertically folding sofa bed

With the sofa beds you can choose between a horizontal variant or a vertically folding sofa bed. We call the horizontal variant the cross sleeper. With a vertically folding sofa bed, the sofa bed is less wide and you therefore need a less wide space than with a transverse sleeper. When the bed is unfolded, it will travel further into the room. With a vertically folding sofa bed you lie with your headboard against the wall. With a sofa bed you sleep with your body along the wall. In general, this means that you can get out on both sides with a vertically folding sofa bed and with one bed or at the foot end of a lateral sleeper.

Depending on the living space and your wishes, you choose which variant suits you best. We can of course help you with this choice.

Easy Living, the specialist in the field of sofa beds

Easy Living has been a dealer in sofa beds and sofa beds for 35 years. You will find a large collection of sofa beds in the showroom at Easy Living. This way we can easily show and feel all our different bed systems. The employees of Easy Living have many years of experience in advising on the possibilities of sofa beds. The bed benches are supplied by our own expert assembly and delivery team. Your sofa bed will be delivered free of charge to the place of destination and possibly fitted. We also take the packaging material with us again. You can start enjoying your sofa bed immediately!

Want to buy a sofa bed with storage space?

We have a collection of sofa beds with storage space in our showroom in Amsterdam. View and try various types of sofa beds with us. We understand that purchasing a sofa bed can be a considerable investment for you, so we are happy to think along with you and take the time for you. We are easily accessible from the A10 ring road. We deliver and assemble your sofa bed for free within the Netherlands, excluding the Wadden.

Want to know more about the sofa beds with storage space?

We can answer all your questions about the sofa beds. You can reach us in the following ways:

Phone: 020-6631161 (Mon to Sat)

Whatsapp: 06-82941119 (Tue through Sat)


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Een slaapbank met opbergruimte is ideaal als u ook beddengoed en wellicht ook hoofdkussens kwijt wil kunnen. Echter bij de slaapbanken die werken met een mechaniek met een apart matras erin, is er geen ruimte meer voor een opbergruimte. Slaapbank Box is uitzondering op de regel, want bij dit model heeft de fabrikant slim gebruik gemaakt van de armleuningen als opbergruimte.

  • Een grote showroom in Amsterdam
  • Gratis bezorging op het vaste land van Nederland
  • Diverse maten slaapbanken
  • Ruime stof- en matraskeuze

Berg het dekbed op in uw slaapbank

De slaapbanken waarbij voldoende opbergruimte te vinden is zijn in de dwarsslapers. De opbergruimtes bevinden zich dan in een box of zak onder de bedden. Op deze pagina vindt u alle slaapbanken die een opbergruimte hebben. Als u hier meer vragen over heeft kunt u altijd contact met ons opnemen via 020-663 11 61.