2 person sofa bed

Looking for a spacious double sofa bed? Then we may have the sofa bed that you are looking for! For example, if you have a studio, it is ideal to combine your sofa and bed in one. Many 2-person sofa beds in our offer are initially not even recognized as sofa beds. Easy Living offers you a lot of space saving, but above all the best models!

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A 2 person sofa bed; the space-saving solution

If you opt for a 2-person sofa bed, you have the convenience of a sofa and bed in one. During the day you can enjoy the seating comfort of the couch and if needed, you can conjure up a bed in no time. This way you can save a lot of space, because you no longer have to choose between a sofa or a bed. We have a large collection of 2-person sofa beds. A sofa bed is often available in multiple models, bed sizes (such as 140, 160 and 180 cm wide) and versions. Various fabrics and colors are possible to give your 2-person sofa bed the look that suits you best.

Double sofa bed for daily use

Of course at Easy Living we always go for the best quality. For daily use, however, we gladly recommend the sofa beds with the twilight mechanism. This has to do with the quality of the mechanism and the stable soil that is used in it. The metal mechanism can be folded out in a simple way, without first having to remove the cushions from the sofa. The seating area is separate from the sleeping area. Partly because the fitted sheet can stay on the mattress, this is undeniably an advantage in daily use. A number of sofa beds have storage space for the pillows. Mattresses from 14 cm thick can be placed in this sofa bed system. There are already sofa beds that have a mechanism that is 16 cm, 18 cm or even 20 cm thick! Often there is also a choice of several types of mattresses, so that you can choose a lying comfort that suits you best.

Want to buy a double sofa bed?

We have a large collection of 2-person sofa beds in our showroom in Amsterdam. With us you can view and try more than 50 different types of sofa beds. We understand that purchasing a sofa bed can be a considerable investment for you, so we are happy to think along with you and take the time for you. We are easily accessible from the A10 ring road. We deliver and assemble your sofa bed for free within the Netherlands, excluding the Wadden.

Questions about the double sofa bed?

Do you have questions about the 2-person sofa beds that you would like to ask us? You can contact us in various ways:

Phone: 020-663 11 61 (Mon up to and including Sat)

Whatsapp: 06-82941119 (Tue through Sat)

Email: info@slaapbanken.nl

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