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Murphy bed Easy horizontal

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Murphy bed Easy horizontal
Folding bed Easy Horizontal unfolded to the bed position
Wall bed Easy Horizontal 1 Open2 2
Folding bed/wall bed Easy horizontal

Murphy bed Easy horizontal

Folding bed Easy horizontal is a beautifully designed folding bed.

The folding bed Easy is also easy to operate. This horizontal variant is available with bed sizes of 90 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm and 180 cm wide. Ideal if you have a narrower space and you therefore need a folding bed that folds out less far into the room. The folding bed Easy is available in many versions, so that you can completely adjust the appearance of the folding bed to your wishes. With the Easy folding bed you can also opt for an upholstered headboard and lighting. This wall bed can hold a mattress with a maximum thickness of 18-20 cm. With a bed width of 160 and 180 cm. the bed base can be divided into 2 parts as standard, so that we can deliver the folding bed almost anywhere in the house. With a bed width of 140 cm. the base is standard in one piece. It can also be supplied demountable at an additional cost. The folding bed is also available with a bed length of 210 cm for an extra price. be delivered.
Folding bed Easy open and closed in the room

Prices in the standard version without wall cabinet:

90x200cm. from € 2,763
100x200cm. from € 2,918
120x200cm. from € 2,993
140x200cm. from € 3,173
160x200cm. from € 3,553 divisible slatted base
180x200cm. from € 3,664 divisible slatted base

In our showroom we have the folding bed Easy horizontal in the vertical variant with cabinets next to it standing and a vertical Easy extra large with a bed size of 160 x 210 cm. The horizontal version is in our showroom with desk

Important information regarding the delivery of the wall bed/folding bed Easy horizontal:

When we deliver the folding bed Easy to you, it is first of all important to know that the wall bed will arrive disassembled. After all, the largest part that remains is the bed frame. This is often in 2 parts and must therefore be able to enter your home. As a result, a spiral staircase or stairs with a kink could cause problems. We therefore request that you measure this carefully and contact us if there is any doubt. As a result, you can also send us a video of the stairs as you walk up. Our whatsapp number is 0682941119.
The wall bed Easy is supplied by us and mounted at the location chosen by you and mounted on the wall. Finally, it is therefore important to know what the wall is made of. Suppose the wall is made of concrete, stone or gypsum concrete blocks, then that requires a different confirmation. Finally, if in doubt, we ask you to contact us.

On wish list
Cabinet width (in cm)


Cabinet depth (in cm)


Cabinet height (in cm)

108,6, 138,6, 158,6, 178,6, 198,6

Unfolded size (in cm)

114, 144, 164, 184, 204

Bed width (in cm)

90, 120, 140, 160, 180

Bed length (in cm)


Bed height (in cm)

50 cm. with a mattress of 22 cm. fat

Fold-out direction



Slatted base

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