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1 person wall beds

Some single wall beds can also be combined with a table or desk. But of course you can also only buy the wall bed. Please indicate below in the selection aid for single wall beds what you are looking for to continue.

Expanding a wall bed with options?

Of course, a single wall bed on its own is very handy! During the day, the bed is nicely folded up in a cupboard and the bed is not in the way. Do you want to dispose of the bed? You can conjure up the bed in no time! The bed always has a slatted base as support. In addition, there are various options in terms of mattresses that are suitable for the wall bed. A wall bed is ideal as a bed for every night. However, it is also possible to combine a single wall bed with a table or desk. This also makes your wall bed multifunctional! During the day you also have a table or desk to eat or work at. This way the furniture has 2 functions at the same time! Ideal if you need to save space! We show you the various options via the selection aid for single wall beds. On the product pages of the wall beds you can find even more information about the dimensions and possibilities of the product. In addition, it is often also possible to expand the wall bed with storage cupboards. For example, do you want to expand the set-up with a side cupboard or wall cupboard with storage space? Together with one of our advisers, you can look at the various options within the program. Please bring the dimensions of the available space with you in preparation for your visit to our showroom. Do you want the wall bed to match the color of your floor or wall? Then perhaps take the samples with you. Most wall beds are available in various designs and colors. This way you can choose the wall bed in a version that suits your current interior!