A small house furnish as efficiently as possible

Furnishing a small room, apartment or house can be quite challenging. How do you make the most of the available space? You are probably familiar with sofa beds and turn up beds as good alternatives for saving space, but have you ever considered wall beds? A wall bed is one of the most efficient ways to create more room in small spaces.

Why choose a wall bed?

Wall beds are very popular. Unlike a sofa bed, which is also used for sitting, wall beds create more space because the bed is cleared away completely. That is why wall beds are becoming increasingly popular for everyday use in small, modern apartments. It is possible, with hardly any effort, to create the extra room you need to move around without discomfort. A wall bed will fit into a study, guest room or attic room and provides guests with a comfortable place to sleep without loss of precious space.

What types of wall beds are there?

There is a growing number of wall beds to choose from. One of the newest models is the LGM wall bed. This wall bed, with it’s beautiful glass or wooden doors will, without a doubt, be an asset to any home interior. The front of the wall bed can be turned outwards. Fastened to the backside of the doors you will find a bed that can simply be folded out into the room.


A bit cheaper, but of very good quality, is the Tokyo Boone wall bed. This model is available in white, white oak, birch or grey oak and in sizes 90,140 and 160 x 200 cm. The Tokyo Boone is furnished with a slatted bed base that will hold a 14 cm. mattress. An AUPING SPIRAAL can be ordered specially. In such cases the Tokyo Boone will hold a mattress up to 18 cm.


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Where can I find a wall bed?

You can choose from a large collection of wall beds, including the Tokyo Boone and the LGM. Go to our website and click on Wall beds, and you will also able to find out more information about different bed systems.

If you still have questions,  please call us at 020-6631161.

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