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Sofa bed Aslak

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Sofa bed Aslak has an inviting seat
Side view of the Aslak sofa bed
Sofa bed Aslak folded out as a bed with head adjustment
Sofa bed Aslak folded out as a bed with 2 pillows
The Aslak sofa bed stylishly in the living room
Sofa bed Aslak as a bed in the room
Sofa bed Aslak with head adjustment up in the room

Sofa bed Aslak

Bed system: Functional Transverse mechanism

The Aslak sofa bed belongs with the CLIC-CLAC systems to the functional transverse mechanism that can be put together in your own way. Ashlak represents the chassis that is chosen. With this sofa bed, this is a base with an oak wooden leg and without armrests. The program of the CLIC-CLAC systems gives you the choice of 6 different bases and therefore a choice of several leg and armrest options. You can choose from the following models:

Fraction (without armrests, black metal leg)
Balder (with oak wooden leg and armrests)
Ash lacquer (without armrests, oak wooden leg)
Minimum (without armrests, chrome leg)
Mimer (wide upholstered armrests, oak wooden leg)
Colpus (without armrest, oak wooden leg)
Colpus black (without armrest, black wooden leg)

When the choice of the base has been made, you can also choose from 4 different mattresses: classic, pocket spring, latex or soft spring. The mattresses all differ in terms of mattress filling, hardness and comfort. You choose the mattress that best suits your needs and the use of the sofa bed. You can view and try the mattresses in our showroom.

Do you wish which base and which mattress suits you best? Then you can choose the color and fabric. You can choose from an upholstered mattress. Then the upholstery is attached to the mattress and the look is therefore padded. Do you prefer a loose cover? That is also possible! In this way you can easily have the cover cleaned and in the future alternate the color of the sofa bed again and the sofa has a different look with ease. It is also possible to start with a firmly upholstered mattress and buy a separate cover later. In short, together with the choice of various fabrics and colors, the variation possibilities with these models are endless.

The functional transverse mechanism to which the CLIC-CLAC systems belong, have a very solid system and a good slatted base. Under this slatted base, when you lift the sofa, there is a storage space where you can put some bedding. The system is very easy to operate and has several positions. You have a normal sitting position, but also a lounge position where the sofa leans back a little more and you will therefore sit a little more reclined. In addition to the sleeping position, each model also has an adjustable headboard. In this way, the sofa bed changes into a large relax sofa and you can relax while watching TV or reading a book. The systems offer comfort that you can put together yourself for long-term use. Since all parts can be ordered separately, you can easily replace a part in the future, if necessary, such as a new mattress or a new cover.

The Aslak sofa bed is available in bed sizes 120 x 200 and 140 x 200.

Comfortable sofa bed for long-term use
Choice of 4 different mattresses and 6 different bases
Free delivery throughout the Netherlands (excluding the Wadden)
Equipped with the Clic-Clac bed system

In our showroom we have the models Aslak, Balder and Minimum. In addition, we also have all 4 mattresses available to try out and all colors and fabric samples.

Dimensions and prices

The price of the Aslak sofa bed depends, among other things, on the type of mattress you choose. The prices below are the starting prices with a classic upholstered mattress. For further information about the price structure, please contact our showroom.

Price with Classic mattress with solid upholstery from:

€943 with Classic upholstered mattress for bed size 120x200 cm.
€ 1.077 with Classic upholstered mattress for bed size 140x200 cm.

Available with the Classic, Spring, Latex and Soft pocket spring mattress.

On wish list
Sofa width (in cm)


Bench depth (in cm)

81, 98

Unfolded size (in cm)

120, 140

Bed width (in cm)

120, 140

Bed length (in cm)


Bed height (in cm)



Slatted base

Mattress options

Latex / cotton, Pocket spring / cotton, Polyether / cotton

Bed system




Cover Removable


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