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2 person wall bed: vertical or horizontal?

2 person wall beds can be further divided into 2 categories: in wall beds that fold out to the front or wall beds that fold out along the wall. We also call this vertical and horizontal. Click on your desired type below!

Which wall bed is suitable?

Depending on the available space, you naturally choose a suitable wall bed. It may of course be the case that certain dimensions of the room determine whether or not some wall beds will fit. It is therefore always advisable to measure the measurements at home and take them with you during your visit to our showroom. In this way, the advisers can think along with you about the possibilities. For example, will it be a double wall bed vertically or horizontally? What do we mean by that? With the horizontal wall bed you lie along the wall. In this variant, the space occupied by the wall bed is slightly wider than the length of the bed. The total depth that the wall bed needs when folding out is less than with the vertical variant, making these models more suitable for narrower spaces. With a vertical wall bed, you lie with the headboard against the wall. In this variant, the space occupied by the wall bed is slightly wider than the desired mattress width. Depending on your available space, it may therefore be that one wall bed fits your space better than the other. For example, do you not have much height / a low ceiling? Then it is better to opt for a horizontal wall bed. In our showroom there are several double wall beds vertically or horizontally in these various variants, so that you can create a good picture of the possibilities during your visit. Your wall bed will be delivered and mounted to your home free of charge! Our own installation team ensures that your wall bed is mounted on the wall safely and properly. This free service applies throughout the Netherlands, excluding the Wadden Islands. Would you like a wall bed on the Wadden Islands or in Belgium? Then contact us!