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Sleeping couch Inga

With a bed length of 208 cm, here is the sofa bed
Image of the unfolded sofa bed Inga with a mattress length of 208 cm

Sleeping couch Inga

Sleeping couch Inga with it Comfort Plus mechanism

The Inga has an inviting appearance. In addition, this sofa bed has a mattress with a mattress length of 208 cm, which means that the 'tall Dutchman' can also comfortably use this bed.

In addition, the Comfort Plus mechanism makes it very easy to transform the Inga sleeping couch into a comfortable bed. This sofa bed comes with a pleasant Sensoform cold foam mattress. You can leave a molton and fitted sheet around the mattress while folding and unfolding. However, the pillows and duvet should be stored somewhere else.
Inga sleeping couch is available in many different fabrics, so you can easily change the style of your sofa to a style that suits your home, for example by choosing the fabric. The legs are available in several colors. read more

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Product information

Sleeping couch Inga with it Comfort Plus mechanism

Sofa bed Inga

Prices of the Inga sleeping couch with Sensoform cold foam mattress from:

120x208 from € 2,567
140x208 from € 2,781
160x208 from € 2,967

Important information regarding the delivery of the Inga sleeping couch:

The Inga sleeping couch can be largely dismantled. The largest portion left depends on the bed width. The depth is 90 cm. the height only 50 cm. and the length 145 (bed 120), 165 (bed 140) or 185 (bed 160) cm. If you have any doubts about whether most of it can be accessed via the stairs, you can always send us a video of the stairwell. This way we can estimate whether it would be possible or not. You can send your video to our WhatsApp number 0682941119. After we have reassembled the sofa in the location you selected, we will take all the packaging material with us; that's some service!

Delivery and assembly are FREE in the Netherlands (excl. the Wadden).

For example, would you like a delivery to the Wadden Islands or Belgium?

Please contact us first about the possibility and additional costs.


Sofa width (in cm)

164, 184, 204

Bench depth (in cm)


Unfolded size (in cm)


Bed width (in cm)

120, 140, 160

Bed length (in cm)


Bed height (in cm)



Metal grid

Mattress options

gelform mattress, sensoform cold foam

Bed system

Comfort Plus