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Sleeping couch Fiona

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Sofa bed Fiona with matching hocker with storage compartment
Fiona sofa bed with fold-out bed
Sofa bed Fiona without side or headrests
Sofa bed Fiona with one side and one headrest
This gives an image of the Fiona sofa bed in a green color

Sleeping couch Fiona

Bed system: Comfort Plus

The Fiona sofa bed has a sleek and modern appearance. Due to its slim design, the sofa bed is also not too big in terms of dimensions. This sofa bed gets its playful character through the option to order arm and / or headrests. These can be easily moved and serve as an armrest or headrest. In addition, the Comfort Plus mechanism makes it very easy to transform the Fiona sofa bed into a comfortable bed. The Fiona sofa bed comes with a pleasant Gelform or Pocket spring mattress. You can leave a flannel and fitted sheet around the mattress during folding and unfolding. Pillows and duvet should be stored elsewhere. The Fiona sofa bed is available in many different fabrics, making it easy to change the look of the sofa bed to a style that suits your home.
One arm or headrest is available from € 120

Prices with Gelform mattress and without arm or headrests from:

Bed 120x200 from € 2.191
Bed 140x200 from € 2.309
Bed 160x200 from € 2.498
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Sofa width (in cm)

163, 183, 203

Bench depth (in cm)


Unfolded size (in cm)


Bed width (in cm)

120, 140, 160

Bed length (in cm)


Bed height (in cm)



Metal grid

Mattress options

Gelform, Pocket suspension

Bed system

Comfort Plus



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