Wall bed Space with sofa with longchair

Width closet(in cm) 204 - 244 - 264 - 284
Depth closet(in cm) 42
Height closet(in cm) 230
Length foldet out(in cm) 220
Width bed(in cm) 100 - 140 - 160 - 180
Length bed(in cm) 200
Drop-down direction Vertical
Bed base Slatted base

The wall beds Space are characterized by their excellent quality. The wall bed including sofa is also equipped with a solid sofa with storage space under the seating area! In this variant, the sofa is equipped with a longchair! The sofa is available in several forms and with or without armrests. In addition, there is also a choice of the shape of the armrests and the sofa can be extended with a corner section! Of course there is a choice of various fabrics to adjust the whole of the sofa to your wishes and your living style. The mechanism of the wall bed is very easy to operate and requires little power. You can place a mattress with a maximum thickness of 20 cm on the very solid slatted base so that a perfect bed can be obtained, which can be used daily. This program has standard base colors : white decor, oak structure decor, sonoma oak decor, core beech decor, slate gray decor, core beech veneer and mallard veneer. The fronts can also be obtained in the following colors: high gloss white, high gloss cream, light gray lacquer, stone gray lacquer, green lacquer, red lacquer and blue lacquer. The wall bed Space has a very extensive program, so only the wall bed is available (without a bench in front) but it can also be made with an extension table to make the wall  bed multifunctional in another way. The wall bed Space is also available in a horizontal version.

The prices of the wall beds with couch including longchair start at:

  • € 6,745, with bed size 100x200 cm.
  • € 7,196, with bed size 140x200 cm.
  • € 7,508, with bed size 160x200 cm.
  • € 8,577, with bed size 180x200 cm.

We can give you the price based on your wishes. For this you can always contact us or visit our showroom.

In our showroom we have equipped the wall bed Space with a sofa with attachment including 2 side cabinets as in the accompanying animation. The bed width with this version is 160 cm. In the showroom we also have the Space with a 100 cm bed. including extension table and the horizontal version with a bed of 140 cm. including top cabinet and side cabinet. In our showroom we can show you and explain the possibilities of the wall bed Space.

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