Wall bed Easy with table

Width closet(in cm) 157,2 - 177,2 - 197,2
Depth closet(in cm) 40
Height closet(in cm) 219
Length foldet out(in cm) 223,4
Width bed(in cm) 140 - 160 - 180
Length bed(in cm) 200
Drop-down direction Vertical
Bed base Slatted base

The wall bed Easy with table is a wall bed with a folding table in front. In this way you use the space multifunctionally. During the day you can work and eat at the table and in the evening you can put a bed up in no time! That's good use of the space! The wall bed Easy has a wide choice of colors for both the wall bed and the table, so that you can make the murphy bed suitable for your interior. The wall bed is available with a bed width 140, 160 and 180 cm. The bed can hold a mattress of up to 18 cm thick.

Initial prices of the wall bed with table:

  • Bed 140 from € 3,285
  • Bed 160 from € 3,489
  • Bed 180 from € 3,710

In our showroom we have equipped the wall bed Easy with a sofa, like the animation below. Just like the bench below, the table folds down automatically.

Bedkast Easy Sofa
Easy Sofa Bedkasten
Bedkast met bank

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