Wall bed Armadi 2-persons

Width closet(in cm) 98,6 - 121,6 - 152,6 - 172,6
Depth closet(in cm) 60
Height closet(in cm) 183,1 - 229,9
Length foldet out(in cm) 224
Width bed(in cm) 86 - 110 - 140 - 2x80
Length bed(in cm) 205
Drop-down direction Vertical
Bed base Slatted base

The wall bed Armadi is a stylish space winner! The Armadi murphy bed can be folded vertically in widths of 86, 110, 140 and 2x80 cm. The wall beds are available with or without a top cabinet and there are also several separate hanging, laying, display and corner cabinets available next to the wall bed. For an additional charge you can choose between inner spring, pocket spring, cold foam or memory foam as a mattress filling.
The body is available in the colors white, walnut and core beech. In addition to the 3 body colors, the fronts are also available in the high-gloss colors white, cream, gray and black.
When folded out, these wall beds require a space of 224 cm.
Width with vertically folding bed 110 x 205 cm: 121.6 cm
Width with vertically folding bed 140 x 205 cm: 152.6 cm
Width with vertically folding bed 2x80 x 205 cm: 172.6 cm

Prices of the wall beds without top cabinet and including polyether mattress.

  • Bed size: 86 x 205 cm, Price from: € 2,530
  • Bed size: 110 x 205 cm, Price from: € 2,779
  • Bed size: 140 x 205 cm, Price from: € 3,276
  • Bed size: 2x80 x 205 cm, Price from: € 3,852

In our showroom we have the Armadi murphy bed in the version as shown below (1 person with a high gloss front).


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