Wall bed Amsterdam

Width closet(in cm) 184,6
Depth closet(in cm) 42
Height closet(in cm) 218
Length foldet out(in cm) 222
Width bed(in cm) 160
Length bed(in cm) 200
Drop-down direction Vertical
Bed base Slatted base
Color a lot of colors

The wall bed Amsterdam with a bed of 160x200 cm. delivers in combination with a good mattress a perfect bed for daily sleeping. There is also a wide choice in color and material. In the unfolded position the bed is secured by means of a click system. In order to fold up the fold-up bed afterwards, the lock must be released again by means of a simple operation. The Amsterdam wall bed is also available with a bed of 90 and 140x200 cm. The Amsterdam wall bed is shown here with two side cabinets. It should be clear that the wall bed can also be supplied without side cabinets. The mattress can be up to 20 cm. being thick. The slatted base 160x200 cm.can also be ordered in 2 pieces, so that we can place the wall bed in virtually any room. The maximum mattress thickness is 20 cm. The Amsterdam wall bed can also be ordered with a depth of 56 cm. This allows a mattress with a thickness of 24 cm.


Price wall bed

Depth 42 cm. Depth 56 cm.
  90x200 cm. € 1.450 € 1.535
140x200 cm. € 1.645 € 1.750
160x200 cm. € 1.695 € 1.795
Height 218 cm. 218 cm.
Folded out 222 cm. 235 cm.

At the bed of 140 and160x200 cm. it is possible to obtain the slatted frame in 2 parts, so that the wall bed can be placed almost anywhere. The extra cost for this is € 100

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