wall bed mattresses

Do you also want to buy a mattress with your wall bed? Which can! You are free to choose a mattress that suits your needs. We have a nice, suitable collection of mattresses that are suitable for your folding bed. However, if you do not succeed with us, you can also buy the mattress elsewhere. When choosing the mattress for your folding bed, you have to pay attention to 2 things:

  1. The mattress must not be too thick. We can indicate the maximum thickness of the mattress per wall bed. The wall bed must of course be able to close!
  2. In addition, we do not recommend using mattresses with a latex filling or memory foam / memory / tempur. These fillings are not suitable for standing upright, they then sink in, causing a lump in the mattress. Cold foam, Pocket spring, Inner spring and Polyether mattresses are suitable for your wall bed.

Use your wall bed daily

A folding bed, in combination with a good mattress, is very suitable for daily use. Thanks to the efficient gas springs, it hardly takes any effort to fold the folding bed in and out. Also handy: with most folding beds you can fold up the bedding if you take this into account when choosing the thickness of the mattress. Thanks to the fastening straps, the mattress and bedding are kept in place.

Assembly of your wall bed / murphy bed

We deliver and assemble your folding bed free of charge in the Netherlands, except for the Wadden islands. This is a service that belongs to us as a specialty store. We help you with the purchasing process and discuss the delivery location with you to ensure that the folding bed of your choice fits well. Then our own assembly team comes along for a nice, safe and expert assembly of your new folding bed. Afterwards they take all the packaging material back with them. You can use your wall bed immediately!

Visit our showroom

Would you like to know more about our murphy beds and wall beds and the suitable mattresses? Then feel free to drop by in our extensive showroom. There are several folding beds available and also our entire collection of mattresses. Our experienced advisors are happy to give you the necessary explanation.


Do you have questions about the folding beds? Then contact us via the telephone numbers below or send an e-mail.

Phone: 020-6631161 (Mon to Sat)

Whatsapp: 06-82941119 (Tue through Sat)

Email: info@slaapbanken.nl

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