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Wall bed Lift bed Up

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Horizontal lift bed with sofa
Liftbed up horizontaal als bed
Liftbed - plafondbed
Plafondbed - bedkast Liftbed
contragewicht van het liftbed

Wall bed Lift bed Up


The Lift Bed; finally available in the Netherlands! The Liftbed Up, also called ceiling bed, performed here is the latest innovation in folding beds or wall beds. Liftbed Up is a raised bed that rises to the ceiling during the day to free up 4 square meters. The bed is available in two directions: horizontal and vertical and in two mattress sizes: 140x200 cm and 160x200 cm. The Liftbed Up is safe, silent and completely manual. With a counterweight system, the bed is easy to handle. When you want to use the bed, slowly pull the bed down. After turning the legs out, you can put the bed on the floor. When the bed is no longer needed, raise the bed to the ceiling with one movement of the hand. Very easy and in no time you have extra space! The bed has a solid slatted base on which you can place a mattress of your choice. The system requires a minimum ceiling height of 240 cm. When the bed is raised, there is a height from the bottom of the bed to the ground of approximately 207 cm. More than enough to walk under it. The execution is always as shown. The Liftbed Up can optionally also be supplied with a bench under the bed and with one or two wall cupboards as shown.

The dimensions for a vertical version:

Width: 158 cm. (with a bed width of 140 cm.)
Width: 178 cm. (with a bed width of 160 cm.)
Height: 240 cm.
Depth: 16 - 74 cm.
Unfolded there is a space of 225 cm. required

The dimensions for a horizontal version:

Width: 218 cm.
Height: 240 cm.
Depth: 16 - 74 cm.
Unfolded there is a space of 165 cm. required (with a bed width of 140 cm.)
Unfolded there is a space of 185 cm. required (with a bed width of 160 cm.)

Prices without wall cupboard, sofa and mattress:

€ 2,995, with a bed size of 140x200 cm.
€ 3,195, with a bed size of 160x200 cm.

Price wall cabinet at:

Bed 140 cm. € 125
Bed 160 cm. € 139
Horizontal version: € 185

Price bank at:

Bed 140 cm. € 500
Bed 160 cm. € 550

Horizontal version: € 625

On wish list
Cabinet width (in cm)

158, 178

Cabinet depth (in cm)

16, 74

Cabinet height (in cm)


Unfolded size (in cm)


Bed width (in cm)

140, 160

Bed length (in cm)


Fold-out direction

Horizontal Vertical


Slatted base

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