Luxury sofa bed

With us you can also find your luxury sofa bed or designer sofa bed. Looking for a sofa bed with that little bit more quality? We have an extensive range of luxury, high-quality sofa beds.

Years of pleasure from a luxury sofa bed

If you are also looking for a sofa bed of higher quality and you are really looking for a luxury sofa bed then you have come to the right place. We guarantee that you will have years of enjoyment from our sturdy sofa beds. Certainly if you have to sleep on your sofa bed every night it is important that you pay attention to the quality of the bed system, mattress and other used material.

A luxury sofa bed for daily use

Of course we at Easy Living always go for the best quality for your design sofa bed. For daily use, however, we are happy to recommend the sofa beds with the twilight mechanism. This has to do with the quality of the mechanism and the stable soil that is used in it. The metal mechanism can be folded out in a simple way, without first having to remove the cushions from the sofa. The seating area is separate from the sleeping area. Partly because the fitted sheet can stay on the mattress, this is undeniably an advantage in daily use. A number of sofa beds have storage space for the pillows. Mattresses from 14 cm thick can be placed in this sofa bed system. There are already luxury sofa beds that have a mechanism that is 16 cm, 18 cm or even 20 cm thick! Often there is also a choice of several types of mattresses, so that you can choose a lying comfort that suits you.

Easy Living,; The specialist in the field of luxury sofa beds

Easy Living has been a dealer in sofa beds and sofa beds for 35 years. You will find a large collection of designer sofa beds in the showroom at Easy Living. This way we can easily show and feel all our different bed systems. The employees of Easy Living have years of experience in advising on the possibilities of luxury sofa beds. The bed benches are supplied by our own expert assembly and delivery team. Your luxury sofa bed will be delivered free of charge to the place of destination and possibly fitted. We also take the packaging material with us again. You can immediately start enjoying your designer sofa bed!

Have your luxury sofa bed delivered to your home for free

We have a showroom with more than 50 sofa beds that you can all view and try out without obligation. In addition, we have very experienced advisors who guide you in the right choice. We deliver your sofa bed in the Netherlands (excluding the Wadden) free of charge to the desired destination with our own delivery team; even if this is a few flights of stairs!

We have chosen to put the sofa beds on this page that we recommend for daily use. Feel free to take a look at the rest of our collection.

Want to try a luxury sofa bed in the showroom?

We understand all too well that you would rather not order a luxury sofa bed from a picture. That is why we have a very extensive showroom with various design sofa beds. Our experienced advisors are happy to help you with free advice. So come and visit us sometime!

In our showroom we can advise you well and let you feel it yourself. We inform you about the possibilities within our collection. You hereby set the bar yourself to what extent you want to go in combination with your wishes. You will also find the service and convenience of a specialist store with us.

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