Easy Living Projects

Easy Living is also your partner for larger projects. Consider supplying multiple sofa beds or wall beds simultaneously for:

  • Studios
  • New construction projects (model homes)
  • Hotels
  • Rental apartments
  • cottages
  • Healthcare Settings
  • Etc.

We have the experience and quality to support your project. With us you are assured of good quality products that are suitable for use by others than yourself. Many a room gets an increase in value from the sleeping solutions that we can offer!

Also interested in creating extra sleeping places and would you like more information? Then contact us without obligation!

To give an impression of what we have done in the past, among other things, on projects, we have made a small list below:

Rental apartments in Amsterdam:

For a large rental company in luxury apartments in Amsterdam, we have supplied 10 sofa beds. These sofa beds are of very good quality and look great in the stylish apartments. In this way, more sleeping places have been created for the rental of the apartments.


Hotel in Amsterdam

For a boutique hotel in Amsterdam, we have been able to supply beautiful sofa beds for 4 luxury suites. In this way, this hotel can not only rent their suites for 2 people, but also extend them to max. 4 people. The sofa bed model comes into its own in the beautifully designed suites.


Studios Villa Mokum

In collaboration with the project developer, we have been able to furnish a model home of the studios in Villa Mokum with the Ulisse Dining bed cupboard: a bed cupboard including a dining table. For example, a dining table / desk can be placed in the room that can also be changed to a bed. A fixed bed in the room was no longer necessary! The ideal space saving in a studio! Multiple buyers of the studios have therefore opted for this solution.


Various foundations / healthcare institutions

Several times, the Enna bed cupboard has already been able to make various employees of foundations and healthcare institutions happy. Ideal as a bed for the night shift or as an extra sleeping place.


Hotel in Egmond aan Zee

This hotel came to us with the request to give small rooms a multifunctional function. They have therefore chosen to put up a sofa bed in 4 rooms that are suitable for daily use. In this way there was no need for a fixed bed in the room. They still receive good responses from their customers about sitting and sleeping comfort!