Surprising and innovative; The Sofa bed and the Wall bed

In our last blog we mentioned the misconceptions about sofa beds and made a list of the advantages of buying a sofa bed. Who doesn’t want their guests to sleep in a comfortable bed? In this blog we will write more about sofa beds and the different ways to create the perfect living/sleeping space.

The next generation sofa bed

Sofa beds have improved a lot over the past two decades. These days, sofa beds are stylish and modern. There is a sofa bed for every style and living situation. Sofa bed Melody is the perfect example.

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There are many different types of sofa beds. Each system has its own advantages. For example:

  • Collapsible sofa beds: A sofa bed that looks like a sofa but can be folded out into a separate, usually double, bed.
  • Sofa with a drawer underneath. Beneath the sofa bed is a wide drawer that can be used as storage space.

The three most important advantages!!

Advantage 1: High quality

The quality of modern sofa beds is very high. You will be able to offer your guests a comfortable bed and a good nights’ sleep. Of course, during the day the sofa bed is very comfortable to sit on.

Advantage 2: Saving space

Buying a sofa bed will certainly help you save space. Not only in the guest room, in your living room too. The sofa bed can repalce a regular sofa. Take, for example, Sofa bed Airlong. A sofa bed that can be folded out into a bed with a large storage space for pillows and bed linen.

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Advantage 3: Quick and simple

A bed for your guests with minimal effort. No more dragging mattresses and blankets from one room to the other. A comfortable bed in no time at all.

Wall beds

In a very small room, where everything has to its place, a wall bed may be the solution. Buying a wall bed is the  best way to use the available space efficiently. Have a look a wall bed Ulisse-dining. At first glance it looks like a table next to a closet, but it can be turned out into a bed very simply. This way you create a lot of extra space.

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There are many different types of wall beds. At you’ll find a large collection of sofa beds and wall beds. Please visit our website.

Keep watching this blog for the latest trends in sofa beds and wall beds, and find new ideas to make the most of your living space.

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