Also suffer from lack of space?

Life in the big city. Fun, lots of interesting people, lots of interesting things to do and see, but houses and apartments are often small and narrow. You’d like to furnish your house in a modern, attractive way but there’s not enough room. Recognize the problem?


A sofa bed is the perfect solution but what goes through your head when you think of sofa beds?

Maybe you remember this: You’re in a dusty, messy back room. The room is full of old stuff nobody wants and in the middle of the room there’s narrow single bed covered with a thin mattress. The springs are showing through. You wake up in the morning with a pain in your back and are very glad the night is finally over.


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Sofa beds the way they looked before

There was a time when the quality of sofa beds was so poor that they were only good for the occasional, not very comfortable nights’ sleep. Not much effort was put into the design of sofa beds. Every bed looked the same. Good to have around the house in case of an unexpected guest but hardly something to be proud of.

The last decades have seen a lot of improvement in design. There a sofa bed for every home interior. In many cases you can’t even tell that the sofa can be turned into a bed.

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There is a sofa bed for everybody.


Why get a sofa bed?
Here is a list of the advantages:

  • More space
  • Your guests will sleep in a comfortable bed
  • Will fit right into your home interior
  • Leaves more space for furnishing your home the way you want to

Because there are so many different types of sofa bed you will always find one that’s to your taste.

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